May 9 2007The killer tortoise

This is video of a tortoise defending its territory against invading cats. Didn't you know? After sharks, tortoises are nature's number one killing machine.

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Destroying cats, one chunk at a time!

That was one fast moving turtle. I think it saw what I see (or think i see) in cats. There is something weird going on in there. Cats see something that we can't, AND THEY AREN'T TELLING US. I don't think it's coincidence that egyptians worshipped the ancestors of our modern day cat. Those cat's back then had brains that were almost as large as ours. Yes, I am serious.

Stup1d c4t g0t pwn3d by 4 t0rt01s3?

That turtle is a bully. That cat's gonna go on a killing rampage in 6 months and now everyone will know why.

Thats entertainment!

that tortoise is an asshole

real turtles don't need nunchucks!

That was definitely more entertaining that "Scorpion v. Black Widow."

wow. another episode of the hare and the tortise...only it's the "furball" and the "cat-killing, horny territory-stealing killer turtle." oh yea, that's entertainment baby. and what's worse? i pissed in my pants.

...and why didn' t the cat just rip his head off? that's what i woulda done...right after i washed the blood off my hand from the turtle snapping me.

turtle must have stuck it's little head back into it's shell fast enough....I actually did think the cat chomped off the turtle's head a couple times but I guess not. I guess a cat's teeth and claws aren't hard enough to dent - should've gone for the soft underbelly.

This is great. I f***ing HATE cats and I love turtles.
made me smile

The cat should have flipped the tortoise over on its back. Sukkah!

I f***ing HATE Tim and love both turtles and cats.

That cat was such a pussy.. haha.. get it?!? I know I know, I'll be here all week!

yeah i f***ing HATE Tim too and i think all turtles and cats should make him suck donkey bawllz

That f***ing turtle is a sneaky lil bastard. Did you see how many times it attacked from behind! Man that video is gold.

That turtle must have been on crack. A normal turtle doesn't move that fast.

Normal turtles can move that fast if properly motivated. Turtles don't usually move that fast because they prefer to conserve energy. :)

Oh man, a friend of mine has a tortise like that. Anything in it's field of vision it attacks!
Watching it chase grown men round the garden is ace.

I have come to the conclusion.. That..

It is..


Omg that turtle was a mean lil sucker. Yea and it is a little sneak, what did the mother turtle teach that turtle to attack living j/k. But yea why didn't that cat freaking hurt that turtle. I wonder what that turtle will attack next??
who Knows.

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