May 21 2007Starcraft II


Starcraft II, the sequel to the massively popular real-time strategy game Starcraft, was unveiled on Saturday. Check out the official site and make sure to watch the cinematic trailer. Just be sure you're wearing a diaper. Not because you'll wet yourself or anything, they're just really really stylish.

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the cinematic is freakin' mad, but chances are it'll get into the final stages of beta and they'll axe it


Nobody ought to be interested in this, since it's awful.

Yeah, cool and all but I want 'World of Starcraft' - fully-sick blade-runner kind of stuff.

There are enough RTS's out there, WoW was cool 'cause it turned a RTS into an RPG.

Gimmie cyberpunk...

Oh yeah, I'll probably buy it anyway so I guess the querstion is 'who's the dickhead now?'

pfft #2 you'll probably join the masses and buy the game regardless.

I am so glad I have a life and don't waste my time on these things. Thats right, I spend my time commenting on Geekologie, thus, I have a life.

Yeah, wooljay, because I have an utter lack of self-respect.

Well I only watched the cinematics.. what a laugh!

"Hail.... it's ah'bouwt tam... "

I was expecting a, "Yeee'haw!" then to the sound of Dueling Banjos he leaps into the Duke boy's General Lee car and speeds his way cross the battlefield.

Though this video poses an interesting question;In times of peace should we store marines in cryo stasis thus preserving the status quo in our own towns and cities?

I realize why i dont have a girl friend... or a life for that matter.

I'm sitting here reading through GEEKOLOGIE while STAR TREKs playin on my tv in the background AND im just about to fire up WoW......

If I could answer your "querstion" #3

There is more than one world involved in Starcraft (I'm guessing) so they would have to call it Planetary Interconflict Starcraft or


If you are ugly, you get no girl friend.
If you are socially inept, you have hard time meeting a gf.

Playing games doesn't really have an effect if you have a gf or not.

You don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend = your not pretty + you lack social skill problems. That's all.

So if you don't have a gf/bf, f***, stop eating chips. You dumb f***s!

Oh, btw, if you don't play video games, who gives a shit. I stopped playing video games 5 years ago, but I have no regrets playing. If I had time, I'd also buy SC2. It looks good. In fact, I'll probably buy a copy just to remember the good times it provided me and my buddies while in highschool and university.

Oh, Yah, I forgot, you were busy banging your girlfriend. Pathetic. Good looking ppl have gf/bf. Doesn't matter if they are a jock/gamer/nerd/rich/poor.

Starcraft is cooler than Jesus and showering combined.
And it's a known fact that Hitler didn't play Starcraft.
If you don't play Starcraft, that's just one more thing you and Hitler have in common.



I'm feeling a great deal of self-affirmation.

Wow, Starcraft II…my little brothers and my soulmate will be thrilled. Actually, wait, my soulmate is already thrilled. He's seen the trailer. But whatever. My little brothers like Starcraft, and they're the reason I hate it.

As for the having stuff in common with Hitler…I've learned to deal with it. I've got the same birthday as Paris Hilton, I breathe the same gas she does, and what can I do about it? Nothing.

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