May 4 2007Painting the Mona Lisa with MS Paint

This guy used MS Paint to recreate the Mona Lisa. It's compressed down to under 5 minutes but the original took 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you've ever used MS Paint you know how crazy this is. Especially if your computer is like mine, meaning a cardboard box with "computer" written on the side. My MS Paint doesn't do shit.

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I hate watching these. And I hate you too.

Wow...amazing considering it's M$Paint...why can't my Mac have Apple paint? I want some APPLE FRICKEN PAINT!
I Love LoLipopz.

and exactly who has this much free time,patience and sedatives to do these? I tried to do a MS Paint version of "Dogs Playing Poker" once but it turned out to look more like four turds, two hair balls and Barbar Bush trying to do an alien autopsy... yeah i don't know either.

Holy motherf***ing shit!
And I thought I could do stuff using MS Paint...

the mortal combat soundtrack is a nice touch

Leonardo just got owned. Take that, world's greatest genius!

Why do people write Micro$oft and never Ma¢? Is Apple some kind of Marxist utopian workers' co-op? Bill Gates might be a megalomaniac, but I don't see Steve Jobs paying for orphans' sexual reassignment surgery.

Happy trees!

About an hour ago there was a wasp in my house, buzzing around by the windom. I grabbed some newspaper, rolled it up, and swat him. He was still alive and moving so I just picked him up and threw it in the toilet. Well, about 5 minutes ago I had to poop and I forgot about the wasp. Im sitting down, pooping. A few turds came out. Then, I felt something on my ass..kind of thought it was the water running down my cheeks from the splash of the turd. Well, it started to go towards my asshole. I jumped up, and as I did so my cheeks smashed together traping the wasp inside my butt. Not a half a second after jumping up I felt the worse stinging in my life. The bastid shoved his thorn right into my soft, rose bud. Im screaming, jumping around and brushing off my anus. Its the worst pain ever. I got him off my ass, and the little f***er just flies up and into another room.

So now, im standing up at the computer typing this reply & debating if I should go get my brother so he can put some creme on my swollen rectum.

God this sucks.

Dude, too soon.

thats way to frikken accurate, more likely to have done that backwards from the original, if not... good job

Wasp 1 - James 0

Why do I hate Fridays?

needless to say, #10, i read the first sentence and the conclusion.

and I stumbled upon this weeks ago :p. dude's got talent.

James: LOL FUNNY RANDMUM LOL, but also Awful. Please stop trying, you're an embarassment to those of us that do this properly.

As for the video: I love how the music is utterly inappropriate but chosen because of its title.

Wow, that takes a lot of patience.
I feel like making a reply video. It would show me going to Google Image, typing in "mona lisa," copying a pic, opening MSPaint, and then hitting paste.
Or, I would do one where I do a really crappy version of the Mona Lisa that would come out looking like something WiFi Pirate described.

But I don't know how to do those screen capture vids, so I'll leave it to my imagination.

Omg....whats the song thats being played :| ...its soo hypnotic...& id realli like to know if someone could tell me :D thx

Seriously, are art geeks that bored with masturbating?

Pfft one time I rubbed two sticks together... know what happened then?.. water into wine.. I shit you not...

Damn I'm good...

#18 they tell you at the start of the video...

And, whoa, f*** me, paint can actually be used to draw stuff?

In 32 color glory!!

james no one likes the guy that types my house is on fire on IRC to be funny and i don't like you

lol brownian you don't know how fitting that Micro$oft and Ma¢ thing is, ie microsoft measure their profits in dollars and macs in cents

this video is fake btw, they use reverse filming and trace the lines to start with to get a perfect complexion of the painting, search youtube about it if you dont believe me

very very nice

I agree... what is seen is shown backwards... otherwise how the f*** would he have come with the colour palette?? ive worked with paint abd the most difficult thing is to get the right shading of colours. Is just like that Michel Gondry video of him solving a rubik cube... anyways worth watching

jame ur very luck 10 bees stung my penis



Damn...this is not human! my brain cant process this!

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