May 17 2007How to make your own cash wallet


Ever looked at your wallet and thought to yourself, "Hey, why can't my wallet be made out of cash?" Well it can, my friends. It can. This is a wallet made from a sheet of dollar bills and a piece of tape. Because really, how else are people going to know you're rich unless everything you own is made out of actual money?

Video of how to make this bad boy after the jump.


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Reader Comments

I am very confused , because I pay for everything with Paypal. This can be a problem because street beggers don't always give you their correct e-mail address.

If I have to carry cash it will allways be in ma' sporran.. yep ma' trusty sporran.

Would I ever wear a paper sporran? What are you mad?


Because I have stacks and stacks of uncut bills all around my house.

I married an uncut Bill.

Because I have a total lack of self-respect and questionable tastes.

That little correction aside, I felt compelled to state that this is the least instructional video ever.


Would it be legal for me to print counterfeit bills for this? I mean, in this case, its a wallet that supposed to look like money, so I think the secret service would let me off with a warning this time.

Since when did The Flash make instructional videos? That guy needed to slow down. And not flash 20's yet drink Corona.

I have the perfect slogan for this
The Money Wallet: For the person that wants to look more like a douche than they already do.

because pickpockets aren't tempted enough by regular wallets?

To be honest though, dj, I don't think many pickpockets take the time to scrutinise potential targets for aesthetic value before whacking their hands in your bag or troosies.

Where is the tutorial on how to make a Ham wallet?!!!

These are the funniest mother f***ing comments I've read in a while.

Where do I get a sheet of dollars?

it kinda simulates a wad of bills sticking out of your pants, yes? not to imply they'd be wowed by its sheer beauty and your impressive craftsmanship...

Fair point. Maybe it's just me that doesn't walk around with my wallet "sticking out" of my clothing.

i wanna hace sex with a horse

thats strait up ballin'

Sweet, after I get me one of those all I need is a fur coat and a cane made out of gold teeth and I'll be pimpin' like no one's bi-ness

this is a bad and dumb idea :)


Hey I agree with Jonathan this is a totally GAY idea and only a true GAY would think of such a thing


i know this is one big homo ay! Jumpin jesus get a F@*$in life



I dont think the last three pll are real but i agree with then. Your mad Gay!!!!



ohh... thanks i will use those uncut 1 dollar bills that i have on my desk.

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Brother, I like your blog. Keep making that bread, man!

The guy is really good :D mine is not working :P i really just can`t do it :c)

"Because really, how else are people going to know you're rich unless everything you own is made out of actual money?"

Sorry man, but a Subway cup and a Corona tshirt gives it away, money wallet won't fool those girls you try and pick up at the club.

Also for those wondering, you can buy sheets of money like that, even in washington DC, its real money, but i think its like 20 bucks for 16 one dollar bills, which makes you wonder why it's that much more expensive when all they did was cut out 1 step in the process

dick in a pimple limple wigle

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