May 14 2007How not to ship a plasma TV


The guy who shipped this may or may not have been a professional delivery person. It's tough to tell based on the work he did on this plasma TV. Seriously though, he might as well have shipped this thing using bowling balls. Or, I dunno, hammers.

Check out the aftermath of the TV after the jump.







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i actually want to cry about that. I want a good TV and that one is smashed to shit

I just died on the inside.

...I'd say the same thing Mac said..

But oh my god. What the hell is wrong with that moron?

How do you know thats not an LCD?

I'll bet it was insured ;)

Jesus is crying

even if i were to ship a plasma/lcd completely bare I wouldn't expect that kind of damage to it.

even if i were to ship a plasma/lcd completely bare i wouldn't expect that kind of damage to it.

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Dan, that appears to be a HP-R5052 or HP-R4252, 50" and 42" plasmas respectively. Samsung's LCDs from that year had a very different design, just search for the LN-R328.

.... What a dumbass.

dear swollen: just try to rub one out beforehand and you'll be fine!

My eyes are bleeding.
I hope that guy is getting his ass kicked over that right now.

Stop making fun of me. It was the first time I ever shipped anything made of plasma! Okay it wasn't me. Because I would have just toed it home on a skateboard behind my moped.

The sad part is my parents bought a plasma from Sam's Club and when they took it out of the box the front looked similar, except it was more cracked on the inside glass.

omg i just jumped off a building

1st off its a plasma b/c u can see the sheet of glass and reflection (LCDs dont have that) and 2nd there is no way someone shipped it like that...

Jason, I'm not that familiar with HP or Samsung's model lineup, but that certainly appears to be a Samsung logo, especially on the back sticker, rather than HP.

fake. I mean, obviously a broken TV, but it was broken beforeput in that box. You people are really gullible.

bitch can't pack

That's definitely a pretty sad display of workmanship..... As a proud owner of a Samsung plasma (and salesman) of plasmas and LCDs, that is definitely a year-or-two old model, but it is definitely a Samsung plasma in its worst shape I've ever experienced.

Balls on chin.

hey, i have that TV downstairs... but mine wasn't delivered/shipped in a pack of bowling balls like yours might as well have been.

There is no Jesus

JKFAN is clearly a dumbshit c***sucker.

that is all

THis was probably a cutomer return to the store pictured. they have tons of TV's - and nothing coming from the distributors ever do that.

...However, having worked in Retail computing for 9 years... that is TOTALLY a cutomer's pack job - the customer was "far away" and wanted a refund cause he then saw it at costo (Still Price Club to me )or the like (it looks liek a small shop) and waned a refund, and since he threw away the box 10 seconds after opeing it.... he packed it in pieces of a box from behind JC Penny.

As far as stuff being broken in Costco.. The truckers that ship all that stuff actually are pretty good. Discount forklift drivers... hmm.. What do you mean I can't put this pallette of watermelons on the plasma boxes for jsut a second? I have 10 more palletes of veggies to get through here!


I hope you signed for it, 'UNCHECKED' =)

I think it's still usable. What you want a refund? Sorry, sir, we don't give refunds. :D

i agree with everyone...there is no Jesus....

i take this moment to denounce my religion

looks like a ups job to me.. there always breaking shit

Definitely not the way I'd ship something like that, but on the brighter side, that model was an ugly piece of shit anyways.

these readers comments are a clear indication that morons live on the web. OK, everyone: move away from your computers. STOP POSTING USELESS DRIVEL. BETTER YET, STOP POSTING.


the break looks like the united states.

That is one sad sight.

this is what happens when you buy a plasma from ebay. :""(

i like to give poo tashes to ppl

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Now that is one serious game of Wii Tennis.

So what? It's just a stupid TV.

this guy doesnt even have to try to be more of an idiot. im disgusted by the images to the core of the vestibule of the innermost cavities of my heart.

I like men xx

Penny Sbird makes a good point, theres alot more to life that a silly tv.

Not even brogen :D

Don't worry, it's only a samsung. They're just with their overscanning!

That happened to me when I turned the channel to 'American Idol'.

This happened to me - and yea ebay was involved. I should have done the same (taken pics and put them on the Internet) thing except UPS refused to give it to me after i refused to pay the £900 duty on it.

It was a lesson learned thats for sure. Sorry for you loss - hehe.

Some bubble wrap an a "FRAGILE: sticker and that would have showed up without a scratch. I once had a colleague ship us a server in a huge box half full of packing peanuts and that was it. The RAID drives still worked after this rounded corner beast showed up and that was it. To top it off, no insurance on 8K.

Bug up to Digg.

And I'm sure UPS did not bash it with a Hammer...

damn thats sad ....

Hold on a second: what's this, a story ported entirely from Digg, comments and all, or a sudden influx of dullards commenting on one particular post without my consent?

Sort it out, Mr. Hedo/Ologie.

that is messed up

This is what happens when you buy a plasma from ebay. ???

...But will it blend? That is the question!

I can only cum in babies.

Anyone saying this is fake or that they wouldn't expect that kind of damage even if they shipped it bare obviously has never shipped with the likes of UPS before. I've seen steel PC cases bent like aluminum cans, and those were shipped better than this.


Insurance on an item like this will not matter. The shipping co's (fedex, dhl, ups) will inspect the packaging prior to approving any payout. These dudes are s.o.l.

"it's JUST a tv?" WTF? I've never heard the words just and TV in the same sentence.

Everyone, quit digging stuff.

No, UPS didn't bash it with a hammer. Chances are they saw how poorly packaged it was and realized the customer probably expected to collect insurance from it but their policy states that TV's, Computers, Laptops, etc.. have to be in their original packaging or packed professionally otherwise they won't see a damn dime. So they decided to play soccer/football/ lets see how far we can drop this off the forklift or how many times we can let it fly off the back of the truck before it explodes. The person who does the most damage wins!

- Lesson Learned, don't be a moron and pay the extra money to have it packaged correctly. Yes it really DOES cost 50$ to package a 2k plasma TV correctly you cheap bastard.

wait, so does it still work?

Post - The bad disease of which many packages have died. :-(

This completely takes the fun out of breaking it with your Wii-mote.

WTF does it still work??? and who's the LUCKY GUY lol

We all managed to survive 9 months of gestation in our mother's fragile womb... and, we all came out fine?!
Somehow even a mighty layer of 0.7cm thick cardboard was not enough to save this innocent TV from god's wrath (cuel merciless bastard)... Or maybe the TV became self-aware thus committing suicide when it realised it was going to be used for viewing crap US network programs?

Please proceed to eat the corn from my shit.

man! this is one terrible shipment.... hope the guy sue the delivery company

Even if this was packed properly UPS, Fedex and DHL will not insure Plasma period.

He should sue himself for not packaging this properly.

isn't that AAFES store?

Damn I feel sorry for that TV :(

what a complete tool. what a waste!

UPS did a hell of a job when they shipped my LCD. The damage, however was purely cosmetic. I would cry if this happened to me. Then I'd probably sue.

The person who shipped this is SOL! Dumb Ass
UPS will NOT pay a claim on this. Go ahead and sue UPS, you will be even out of more money.

Man this is funny.... looking at the store, it looks like one of those Miami Beach stores where they sell refurbished electronics to tourists as new...

Man, if they package a TV that way, how would they ship a ferret?

THIS HAD TO BE A WOMAN who shipped it. A guy would NEVER do something like this, unless he was a homo.

This is the work of a woman. Guaranteed.

BWAHAhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.....HELLA FUNNY!!


Does look like it was shipped from an ebay "power" seller. Man, that's unbelievable!

that couldn't be ups they've never done me wrong :P

This blog post makes Plasma TV Jesus cry.

That is terrible!

The cardboard looks like its already been used before as well.

Why! Why would you do that to a Samsung product.

This makes my eyes sad.

In Soviet Russia, Plasma TV ships YOU in flimsy box.

OMG i would scream if that was my plasma!!! (I can hear the guy who sent it to you saying "opps my bad")

Wow what a disaster. I would've been heated over that.


There most definitely is a Jesus, and He wants you to stop watching trashy shows on your stupid TV.

"even if i were to ship a plasma/lcd completely bare i wouldn't expect that kind of damage to it."

You obviously don't know the kind of things that go on during shipping. I've worked for a major shipping company for 6+ years now, and I've seen it all. I would never ship something like that without major protective packing in place, because if something is too heavy to lift and set down, chances are it's going to be dropped and/or knocked over several times en route to it's destination. And if it's light enough, chances are, it's going to be thrown many many times too.

Man, that's fcuked up. Whoever packed that could have thrown it in a plastic bag to save time... and the end result would have been the same.

can anyone say "bait and switch"? $20 says this tv was already broken and shipped to claim money for insurance.

Hot Damn!

I've seen bad shipping in my days.

Point is, doesn't matter if it was insured or not, most carriers wouldn't cover that packing job, it'd be up to the shipper to replace.

By the looks of it, It seems like it was shipped DHL. I used to work there, Things would get destroyed everyday, If not by accident then for Entertainment. 6 hours in a muggy truck full of CDRW LCD's, Printers, Apple computers, and monitors can be real fun. But, If you like to break shit.; THEN ITS REALLY FUN!!!!

REAGAN SMASH!!!!!!!!!!,



#33: go to hell.

To everyone else:

This is what you get for buying an off-brand TV. yes, Samsung is off-brand.

I think I died inside too. :(

#95: Samsung once held the record for largest plasma!

Anyway, Obviously this is someone who returned it to the store using a flimsy box of sorts. Sad, really. I just wanna know what will happen between the buyer and seller!

What an idiot. Of course this will not be covered by any insurance.

chill out.
its jsut a tv.
im sure theres much better things to worry about.
oh dear, an over expensive tv got broke.
big bloody deal.
now, how about we all get a life?

i would seriously kick the delivery guy in the nuts for two things
1. if i were the boss of wherever it was bought from i would be p'od b/c i just lost an exspensive tv do to the carelessness of a driver
2. if i paid for it i would expect it to be in perfect condition and safe and functional not busted up.

stuff happened like this to my dad...he got a sectional couch and the dudes would just throw the stuff over the fence and walk through the door and the couch would have broken supports and tears and all that so now my dad is on couch number nine now but he said screw it and took a full refund and threw it back over the fence and the delivery guy was all ornery when my dad did that...he was an ass...

Wow. I seriously doubt all that damage came from shipping. I think that the tv was destroyed BEFORE it was shipped and the buying faked out the seller and sent it back in shittly shipping package to get his money back. Otherwise he would have never gotten his money back had the seller known that he beat the crap out of it.

all i have to say is that people are stupid when it comes to shipping. i worked for an international shipping company for almost 10 years and could not believe the horrible packing jobs that i came across. people that handle your packages don't care at all about how it gets through, as long as it gets through. if you don't pack it right, this is what happens. what an idiot!

We actually had something like this come in @ the Futureshop I was working at. We just sent to back to the manufacturer for a new one. Yeh it does suck though.

I recently bought a 61" Samsung 1080p DLP set and drove 100 miles to pick it up from the warehouse rather than having it shipped. It was worth the $75 spent in gas to make sure my $2500 tv wasn't destroyed.

Please when making inappropriate comments, substitute the word penis for cock

This is the SAME plasma TV I have.. expect it's not all cracked and it works!

1 word: SAMSUNG

I work at an electronics repair shop and share a work area with a guy who works on LCD's you would no believe some of the package jobs people do. We constantly get units in that are damaged because people are retards, bubble wrap is the coolest stuff ever, use it.

omg i just got upset over this

Viagra is what you need

Get a boner so big that you'll break more than just your plasma tv

It does not care... it's a samsung, crappy technology :/

but if it were made of "plasma" shouldn't it have molded to whatever hit it then bounced back? obviously someone is lying because if it broke that means it is a solid non maliable material and plasma is difinately maliable

If the persom whomever packaged this wonderful piece of entertainment technology was stupid enough to think that it was o.k. to ship a delicate plasma t.v. like THIS, then he deserves to lose his $2000+ investment of buying the damn thing int he first place. Morons shouldn't be allowed to breed, nonetheless own such nice television sets.

Ok I can't type worth crap, so excuse the typos and misspellings. If someone had wrapped this to send BACK to the store, then I think the owners of the franchise should track him down, knock down his door and slice his nuts off with a cheese grater.

pendejos estupidos

Parece uma transportadora que coleta na Embratel

Ha Ha, AWESOME! Now there will be one more soul who doesn't lose his life to television.

i think "swollen" is in REAL need of some mental help !!! he should be checking into the nearest mental facility !!!!

as for the tv set >>>>>>>>>> OUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope whoever did it got his sorry butt fired !!!!!!!!!!

its korean it probably came from the factory like that

C'mon people. Didn't u learn ur lesson from the picture of the angel? It's not really broken, it's TOTAAAALLLY Photoshopped!!!

Angela stop reading this and go buy a plasma tv !!!


Yeah I work for a UPS hub, that thing got smashed to shit because something like that is considered bulk, so it was put in a truck with a TON of other heavy shit, which in transit probably all smashed down on to one another. Turning the T, in to that.


obviously it fell a lil paddin wouldnt help

lmao! epic win

What a waste of perfectly good tv to watch your HD incest porn.

What a waste of perfectly good tv to watch your HD incest porn.

What a waste of perfectly good tv to watch your HD incest porn.

What a waste of perfectly good tv to watch your HD incest porn.

what a load of fat pie.

what a load of fat pie.

You know he got fired...very sad really....the tv I mean.

I can tell by some of the pixels, and from seeing a lot of fakes in my time

Working at UPS hub, myself, I'd say about 1% of boxes get crushed and damaged. Typically, the boxes that get destroyed are poorly packed. In a facility that has handled over a million packages in a single day, I can tell you it's hard to handle each one with care. That TV was packaged poorly. UPS doesn't use forklifts or anything like that. The insides of their semi trailers are empty and the trucks are filled floor to ceiling with boxes stacked upon each other. There are methods to avoid destroying boxes, but with a box like that, you can't possibly build a good wall out of it. Imagine playing Tetris on level 10 in real life.. that's what they do. You bitch about the way the boxes are handled, but solidly packed boxes (nothing shakes inside, AT ALL) never get destroyed. It's the ones where there are empty spaces inside the box or where something moves around that get destroyed.
The UPS hub employees that load and unload those trailers are underpaid and overworked, but nobody intentionally destroys shit... and it's not the delivery guy that's destroying your boxes.

Ouch. I once got a laptop computer off ebay that was packed about the same way. Got my money back though.

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I ordered a 50 inch plasma from Wal Mart, and a MONTH later, when I finally recieved it, this is what was waiting for me in the box. A broken ass plasma screen. What a tragedy. Such a beautiful piece of electronic equipment, gone to the wayside because of careless idiots.

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Oh man, i cryed when i seen this, this is truely worth being shot for


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in th movie Never BAck Down where max is working for a shipping company, and drops a package off the truck, and then puts it through Baja's dad's wood chipper to hide the damage.

I'd sue.

nice photographed .... :)

Nice one. That got me laughing :D

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ouch, im crying on the inside how could anyone be so stupid

The best place for a flat panel tv box (plasma or LCD) is Uhaul or They have a kit you put together (sets up in just a few minutes) and it works great. Definitly worth the small cost of the box compared to cost of replacing the tv.

I would say some blond dimwit chick named Penny Sbird boxed that up with the thought "It's just a tv duh"

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Now there will be one more soul who doesn't lose his life to television.

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