May 11 2007Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar


Instructables has a tutorial on how to make your own Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar. Basically you make a mold out of a Star Wars toy and fill it with chocolate. Slightly better than my idea, which was to kidnap Harrison Ford and throw him in a vat of chocolate.

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Will the creativity never end?


Carbon??? Al Gore will put a stop to this!

Sucks, I want hedo back.

In Hedo We Trust, somehow I don't think whinging in a bunch of comments is going to bring the site back.
Go somewhere else if you don't like this site, because there are plenty of us who do like it... and we hate whingers.

This is the most awesome thing I've seen in a while!

But because I have a life, I'm not going to make this. Plus, it would be so depressing to eat Han Solo.

this is so fabulous I don't even know what the hell.

Ive tried this with my poop once. Came out terrible and my hands were filthy. but on the bright side, i had dessert!

You're stupid!

Seems retardism is running rampant. For realz.

I have Harrison Ford in my basement if you want him dude. I'll even supply the chocolate.

I love it!

This is the best thing that I have ever seen...I LOVE IT!!

''Han Solo candy bar'' < ''Harrison Ford in concrete'' ... save us from ''Indy 4: Revenge of the Old Balls''

In inappropriate comments, substiute the word cock for penis.

Now when they transport it to Jaba, is will surely be eaten by that jelly roll!

Vanman your a freaking retard... Nice mold by the way looks like you used a Kids toy..

#17 No no... He actually got Harrison Ford to take part in the molding.


If you used carob....
you know...

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