May 1 2007Drop kicking cow

Ever seen a cow drop kick a dude in the face before? You have now.

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someone should tell this guy that no means no!

At least we have hedonistica style videos on here now, albeit violent, horrible-quality ones.
Still, that move was pretty sweet and matrixy.

CGI ...... no cow moves that fast

Thank goodness for that insta slo mo replay.

haha that was amazing, the guys reaction afterward is almost better than the kick

lol @ 2 The Matrix (and the bovine) has you.


Proof that animals DO watch tv. It only would have been better if after drop kicking the guy had the cow been able to climb up on the building or the cars surrounding the guy and put him thru a table with an elbow!

Its not that uncommon for cows to drop kick people, or other animals for that matter. After losing their talons, venomous fangs, extrememly durable exo-skeleton and the ability to fly, it's really the only way they can protect themselves these days. What with all the creepy, lurker dudes out there in black jackets and trousers.

mmmmmmm, trousers.

I've drop kicked a cat before. Just because I could.

Well, so much for the symbiotic relationship we HAD with cows. Hey, there's more of you than there would be if we didn't raise/feed/milk/slaughter/skin you.

Speak for yourself, vanman. It may be true that I've outlived my latest host cow and am now forced to walk on two legs, all vulnerable, hairy and pinkish, but I'll find a suitable host soon.

The one on this video looks like he'd be an excellent conveyance for my gargantuan intellect and my undying hatred for grass.

I drop kicked someone in the face before. I mean sure, there were alot of peopel watching, and SURE i had an excuse...but when it came down to it, drop kicking someone just because they look like Paris Hilton isn't EXACTLY an they gave me three months. plus a year of probation. oh yea, community service. I get to clean toilets next to Naomi Campbell.

It seems that I am usually speaking for myself, Brownian. Well, except when I crack a failed joke. In those cases, I'm speaking for you.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race of daily life that we don't stop to think about the things that matter to us.

Like the fact that cOWNED! was really funny, Jacket Off.

AHAHAHA YEAH! f***ing awesome.


When will people learn... Cow's are deadly martial artists. They all know moo tai! I bet this cow's friends with the ninja turtles, because they all like to cow-abunga

My god, will I ever quit getting pun-ished.

There is no trough!

this is why I eat cows. Otherwise they'd soon initate a violent takeover and rule over us all.

And now my life is complete.

COW abunga!!

holyness that was the wildest kick ive ever seen...that cow is from the matrix!


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