May 15 2007Domino PCs

The best thing to come out of the dot-com crash? Domino PCs! These clowns took 86 PCs and lined them up like dominos. And then, well, pushed them over. The PCs were eventually given away to charity or recycled as part of an overall hardware deal, but I still say they should've gone with my idea: eating them.

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I did it with only 58 PC's but it had more splits and ramps, so it was better. Oh wait, they weren't PC's they were the people in front of me last time I was Christmas shopping

I dunno, if I had that many PC's... I'd play Jenga with them. I mean, Dominos!? Even playing chequers with them has more imagination than simply pushing then over.
Hell, I'd fire them into the sky in a 85 PC salute to Bill Gates... the 86th one I'd fire at a MAC user!

they should've gone with MY idea - Macs in Trebuchets


and thats why humans are on the top of the chain.....bitch ass machines

just joking i love computers more than my children

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