Apr 25 2007Magic Tap real life illusion


It looks Photoshopped, but this Magic Tap fountain actually has a pipe hidden in the stream of water. A clever idea, though not as impressive as my sawing a woman in half illusion. For extra realism I actually saw the woman in half. I think I'm wanted in like eight countries.

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Finally comments!

That is sweeet.

I hate to be one of those guys who says "I saw this like, twenty-five years ago" but I saw this, like, twenty-five years ago.

These were big on convention circuits. Kids like me discovered to pole early.

That would be a nice alternative to a tazer, if it were shortened a little.

It's not a pole inside, it's a pipe. The water has to get up through it.

# 5 - Its not a pipe, its a long water carrying apparatus using vacuums.

Oh, and the ability to leave comments is great.

Is it so hard for you people to have faith that the water is actually coming from nowhere? Gawd, athiests piss me off.

You suck at life

"3. Brownian - April 25, 2007 10:32 AM

I hate to be one of those guys who says "I saw this like, twenty-five years ago" but I saw this, like, twenty-five years ago.

These were big on convention circuits. Kids like me discovered to pole early."

I grew up in a small rural town and so was deprived of fancy inventions like this. It was probably for the best as us country folk would have cried, "witchcraft!!" and burned the creators at the stake.

Well, of course you would have. You canadians are definitely a mean and violent breed. Now, us americans, I cant even remember the last time we acted out in a violent manner.

That is cool... old... but cool. I think I first saw that in the 70s brah.

Hey Brownian,

I bet you discoved the pole early, and you liked it.

Haha ur a fag

Well played, nobody. So original. So, ummmm truly uninspired.

I'm pretty sure you'd lose that bet nobody, since I've never 'discoved' anything in my life.

Also, your last sentence is grammatically incorrect. You meant to write "Ur was a fag," giving the sentence a verb, conjugated singly and in the past tense since the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur no longer exists. Of course, as a proper noun, Ur should also be capitalised.

Even correctly written however, the sentence makes no sense.


I'm a fag

I knew it!

High five to Brownian. Us guys from the streets gotta stick together. Aww dammit, I sure hope nobody makes a pun out of that sentence.

Mr Nobody, if you mess with Brownian then you mess with Hedo's gang, beware I say, we know the secret arts of russian ninjas.

Or else.

15. Brownian - April 25, 2007 11:27 AM

I'm a fag

16. Nobody - April 25, 2007 11:28 AM

I knew it!

Nicely done, Nobody. That did make me laugh.

So, anybody else miss Typekey?

I was gonna make a comment about Hedo's gang versus Geekologie's gang being like West Side Story, but I think that would indisputably (though perhaps misleadingly) answer the question of my sexual orientation. (I'm not a huge fan of musicals although I liked Spamalot.)

Instead I'll just say "Warriors....come out to play-ay!"

Yes, brownian, I too miss typekey. It safeguards against people with apparently superhuman abilities to be clever beyond comprehension. How did he manage to do that? This 'nobody' must be some kind of super-genius. Wow.

Crap is right, I tangled with some hedo's awhile back, they are a rough bunch.

I am scared and scarred by new things.

Booo I miss hedonistica

Jab may boo, but I say Boo-urns!



Just don't try to run through the waterfall.

Anyone else plan on arriving here through hedo? I know I will. Thats because i'm cool.

Dear Nobody and cf***erdie:

SHUT THE F*** UP YOU STUPID CUNTS. (I'm a sucker for the classics)

Only I am allowed to abuse Brownian (mostly because he asks me to).

Christ, who are the jokers on this site?

YO! I'm a joker! But, alas, twas not me.

Long time browser, first time blogger....

Brownian - you just put yourself on my list of Heroes with "Boo-urns". An incredible Simpsons reference. Well Played.

I can get abused by anyone I want and there's nothing you can do to stop me, jillybean.

Go ahead, Nobody and cf***erdie, say what you will. Don't let these cranks muzzle you.

You are uncool brownian. Why can't you try being a little more immature and clique-y like me?

That "magic tap" idea has been around for atleast 20 years in European theme parks.


i wish we had these in Blighty

That's just awesome. It honestly did seem photoshopped at first.

Holy shit! That's magical.

Amazingly enough it has been around for years, and it still fools people.

I see all the class filtered over from Hedo's corpse. Hi Brown!

There is a similar fountain display in front of the original Ripley's Believe it or not Museum in St. Augustine, FL.

I once stuck a mouse up my butt and then forgot about it. Do you think it is still alive?

You should at least capitalize my handle if you're going to troll properly. Oh, and it wasn't a rodent. I lost a pet bunny that way. Sheesh...you can't get anything right.

Culligan used to have something that used to look a lot like that fixture at stuff like small town fairs and stuff like that in Canada. Fun, when you were 10 years old, and your father was a great kidder.

Holy crap. I am losing my mind over this! :D If I say I'm amazed, does that make me uncool? :( Maybe I should pretend to be blase and apathetic? ha.

You are are f***ing cunt pole loving fags.

For everyone that doesn't know, Brownian (like like to make his pole brown), JillyBean (That's why she has no boyfriend, because she can't stop herself from passing gas) are Hedo sluts.

They love their internet personality and lash out at anyone who cuss them out.







Oh, typo in #43
I meant "You all are f***ing cunt pole loving fags."
Brownian grammar will ensue. Bring on the diatribe!

I've actually done one of these (definately not this size) with a champagne bottle.

Water (champagne if you've got the $$ to throw around and can avoid the fizz) or even champagne-looking-water shoots out of the top of the bottle, hits the cork and splashes back down over the bottle (onto a tray which holds the water for reuse).

You did WHAT with a champagne bottle? Are you talking about the picture or post #39???

Looks like a Salvador Dali painting heh

Brownian belongs to no-one sboy. All my base are belong to you, though. I forget to let you know that one has a leaky faucet..

the first one ever built was at the piedmont water slides in quebec, canada
see here > http://blogue.canoe-inc.com/mediam/JV0562.jpg

I was saying boo-urns

listen, nobody, no one wnts to know about you shoving furry animals up your ass... because: A: its gross. B: you have no life. C: u f*** your sister. (for wich i dont care. you inbred pedophile!) go get smarter, stop insulting ppl, and get a job.

Yours Disrespectfuly:

White comet.

You can buy miniture fountains the same as this to sit on your coffee table.

how is it even supported. looks like it weighs a mil tons and one pipe can support it?

Faux finish, smart guy.

This has been around for so long.. I used to see small versions at some bumblef*** state fair in Maine. It didn't impress me then (when i was 3?), and it still doesn't impress me now.


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chek dac deya bunjee dee renk..

in othr words.... SHAAADUP

besides i crave things up my juuntah !!!! like poles

dis is teh ownzorzzzzzzzzzzz + 1


"Come Visit the Hillary Clinton Douche Nozzle in Scenic Little Rock, Arkansas!''

PLEASE, inn inapropriate comments, substitue the words cock and pecker with the word penis.

Whoa, I remember seeing one of these about a decade ago at some trade show.

That is a aquatic park in "puerto de santa maria " Cadiz, south of spain ;)

I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say. It was quite entertaining. Brownian the things you say are especially witty. I do not get why people have to be so malicious to one another. Anyway, I went to the mall and saw one of these things at a Spencer's shopping for a friend. It's cool for about fifty seconds, that's about the time when I loose interest.

this is not fake its in aqualand in tennerife go there or go to the website google aqualand tennerife you will see what i mean

How bout everyone shut the f*** up about whos right and wrong and actually use this comments section to comment on the post?????

Just an idea :P

canary islands part of spain but not in the spain island

Woo ive been there its in a hot place its reli reli coooool!

Funny how your only comment has nothing to do with the post, stfu.

We have had a small version of this in the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum here in Niagara Falls, Ontario since the 1970's. I kinda figured it out then. plastic tubing going up and into the faucet. the water just runs back out and down the outside of the plastic tube. tah-dah!

SWEET! whoot

Spencer Gifts has been selling a small version of this for, oh, like 30 years. Blah.

they have one of these in the ripley's believe it or not museum in hollywood...pretty cool.

so yeah i saw a lil beer bottle type thing at the local gift shop... i bought one. I filled it with beer. It looked real, and its funny when you're holding it around drunk people because when you let go of it they all go crazy :P (i also saw this at spencers)

Umm, we had a fountain like that in our water park in Flathead Montana. Its been there since I was a kid, 20+ years, so that is "the oldest trick in my book"

I knew about this like, twenty-five years ago. And I'm only fifteen.

We even have it in Belgium

Wow, I found a fountain like this by Isamu Noguchi at



Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


A waterslide amusement park nearby had one of these, too. Unfortunately, they weren't very smart and didn't build any sort of barrier around it. Needless to say, they broke the hearts and squashed the dreams of many children who reached into it only to find there was something solid beneath the stream of water.

really awesome

great thought, how can people think so higher.

Also, your last sentence is grammatically incorrect. You meant to write "Ur was a fag," giving the sentence a verb, conjugated singly and in the past tense since the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur no longer exists. Of course, as a proper noun, Ur should also be capitalized.

wtf Brownian ur is an internet shortened version of you're
someone else may have pointed this out but i didn't have time to read all this

You know that there is one of these in St.Augestine, Florida at the ripley's believe it or not museum...yeah, fuck spain...although i am part spainish

That illusion is a very nice and a creative idea. I wonder how you can do that kind of illusion. I want to see more exciting pictures from this site.

wow cute finally spamish people is starting to use their brains instead of their balls

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