Apr 10 2007Junior hockey fight

I can't figure out if this is insanely cute or insanely depressing. Or both, like a bunny performing magic!

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Reader Comments

Aren't they both on the same team? Looks like the guy from the other team is trying to break it up.

This always makes me crack up. I love the one kid trying to get away.

What do you expect, its the New York Islanders!

your doing it wrong; your on the same team! @ 0:48 just like a movie , RUN THE MONSTER IS COMING AND THEN HE OBVIOUSLY TRIPS.

lmao @ the background music!

Run bitch, RUUUNNNN

Oh my god, that made me laugh so hard I cried. So cute. I love how he still trys to crawl away even though hes already fallen.

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