Apr 27 2007Firetable is a table with fire


The Epsilon table is a coffee table which doubles as a fireplace. And yeah, it's every bit as dangerous as it looks. Unless a coffee table which occasionally shoots fire out the top doesn't sound dangerous to you. In which case my spinning saw blade chair is perfect for you. You sit on it and spinning saw blades, well, cut you in half. Inventor of the year!


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Reader Comments

Marshmallow cook-offs, yeehaw!

I don't know about the table, but I'll take the chair!

looks like a large flaming tissue box from hell.

I'm buying it. Thank god there's a source link.

The pyromaniac in me is very excited!

How Promethean.

Finally! A way to deal with all the junk mail piling up on my coffee table.

Dammit Tiddler, you beat me to it!
I'd like to see the effects on your lungs/ceiling after a year of using that.
...mmm, sulphur dioxide. Now, where did my cat goOH FOR THE LOVE ALL ALL THAT IS HOLY!
It's disaster waiting to happen. Someone with pets WILL buy this thing.

but yeah, other than that, nice!

Come on... nobody else wanted to go for it... alright I'll bite...

"Gives a new meaning to "Hot Seat"'.

I can't believe everyone was above that joke, man! Comedy Gold!!

There's a lot of products getting designed which seem to have just about f*** all and buggery in the way of "function". Form's where the money's at, even if your produce-uct is complete wank.

P.S. WiFi Pirate: the reason nobody said that is because it is very clearly not a seat.

"not a seat"

That's not what you tell your friends, then they sit down and Whoosh!
Come on nothing says fun like a trip to the burn unit.

New from death trap furniture. Flaming tabletop! impress your friends, perfect gift for those gassy people. throw away your junk mail as never before. doubles as a grill ( grill sold seperatly)

devil - hahah. O that's thier inventon,let me laugh even harder! HAHAHAH

...and that's how i got these third degree burns on my face

I wonder how long the top stays nice sparkling and clean? I could just see the mischief my nephews would get up to...

If only "coffeetable" was a table with coffee, huh?

Meanwhile, in other literally-correct furniture news; loveseats now actually show affection; and easychairs give up sex with minimal effort and no commitment.

Hey 1-Ton, we're just seeing where this goes. In the meantime, if my chair and I want to have a little fun, who are we hurt--

What's that? How should I know? Look, just pee on it and hope it doesn't turn blue. Well? What colour is it? Oh shit.

Look, if anybody asks, you guys don't know where I am.

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I can imagine it now 'hey guys wanna come over to my place?! I got an awesome table that gives you 40 degree burns! I know its great!'

That looks great.. i am amazed at how innovative people are

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