Mar 6 2007Sink built into toilet saves water, grosses out


The Sinkpositive Sink is a sink built into the toilet tank lid so that after you flush, the sink starts running with water that would normally go straight into the tank. This way you waste less water and don't have to worry about walking over to a sink and turning a faucet on. Although washing your hands in your toilet just feels wrong. I don't care how clean it is, you might as well be asking me to eat my breakfast on a pile of feces.

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Oh,yes, I agree. And I hate that recycling stuff. All those old cans and bottles piling up grosses me out, too. As for saving water, let someone else take care of that, I mean, isn't that what I pay taxes for? And shortage, there's no shortage, it's raining where I live. I say the more water the better to wash away my poopies. It doesn't matter if water is wasted, I just can't stand the thought of doing anything different (especially in the bathroom) than the way I've been doing things my whole life. And, besides, they just found water on Mars. Thank you for your part in squashing another attempt to be "smart" and "efficeint" at the cost of my comfort. Cheers.


not sure if no 1 wasn't being sarcastic!!
really i think the idea is there, but over the seat is weird, i have to admit, im not easily grossed out... so i dont care, but my!... how comfortable can this be?? i would so hurt my knees all the time and be grumpy every day!! and the soapy water goes in the tank? got to be biodegradable soap... and i wonder what it does in the pipes... its supposed to be stable water in there... (ph and all...)

Brilliant idea!
I don't get the comments, you'r not washing in the toilet, so why isn't that clean? When you flush, the tank takes some time refilling, so now you can use this time to wash your hands, no excuse not to wash anymore ;).
And for the pipes comment, the water you normally wash your hands with meets up with the toilet water anyway, so I don't think that would be an issue.

If only they had one that would fit my tank...

welcome you to choose

I think it is great idea, I was thinking to use even water from the washing machine.
But somehow never thought of this easy concept. Definitely a 10 in my books.

Excellent Idea, it saves money and space.
I do not get the negative comments, I think is pretty useful way to connect a water toilet with sink on top.

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