Mar 20 2007Search with Kevin Federline


For some reason that doesn't make any sense at all, Kevin Federline has launched his own search engine called Search With Kevin. Apparently he felt Google just wasn't doing it well enough and thought he'd throw his hat into the ring. The page offers prizes everytime you search like going to Kevin's birthday party. Although that's sort of like offering a kick to the balls as an incentive. I don't know what sort of talents Kevin Federline has, but I'm pretty sure they don't involve writing search algorithms. Or rapping. Or, well, doing anything more involved than asking people if they want ketchup with their fries.

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It would have been worth the click had it been something like were he actually responded to your searches with some red neck / hip hop / dumb ass remark. What a waste of space both in real life and online.

u know? i think that what u did to britney its so bad man!!!!!! shes the best person in the world and u just played with her ..... if britney u are reading this just take my msn and contact me .....i understend u 4ever.
with love danara!!!!!

Life is measured by thought and action not by time.

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