Square CD is coolest CD player ever

January 2, 2007


Square cd is a minimal cd player. It can be hanged on the wall like a flat screen and when is turned off it appears just like a white corian square on the wall. Once the cd is turned on, a light create the interface and a back light diffuse a soft illumination all around the square. The interface, created with light, and works like a sensible skin wich can read the pressure in the sensitive spot whitout button. The corian surface works also as a speaker tanks to the smart material technologies. A little “magnet”, as the one produced by Feonic, connected to the corian surface, transform all the surface in a speaker.

You're an idiot if you're still buying CD players, but if you must, then this is the only one allowable by law. I'm not even sure if it's for sale, but it's the first time I've considered heading back into the stone age and busting out some real life audio CD's. I've only read about them in history books!

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