Jan 31 2007 Robotic arm ride

This guy has a lot of faith in whoever's controlling that thing. At one point I think his head is actually being dragged along the ground.

Jan 31 2007 Battery lamp is really small lamp


If you've got $35 to blow, this is a miniature LED table lamp powered by a D battery. The battery itself is the base of the lamp, and it even has a working pull chain on/off switch. Although I don't understand how they're charging $35 for this thing. It looks like something your nephew would throw together with crap he found under his bed.


Jan 31 2007 Blue Screen of Death through the ages


Wired has compiled some of the more unique Blue Screens of Death ever seen, including one from Las Vegas and one from an arcade machine. Although they missed the most important one of all. The one in my heart. *Runs away sobbing*

Jan 30 2007 Bill Gates on The Daily Show

The world's richest man should be dressed in a solid gold suit of armor at all times. And diamonds. Diamonds everywhere. And maybe a robot that walks for him. Like a robotic spider Segway.

Jan 29 2007 MiniMechadon teaches itself to walk


This guy built a mini robot and supposedly gave it learning algorithms which he says "allow the robot to learn how to walk, rather than programming it to do so." The actual walking doesn't look too impressive yet, but who knows what it'll look like in a few more years. Although if I wanted a robot to teach itself anything it'd be how to make me breakfast.

Jan 29 2007 MP3 shoes look totally awesome, dude


Some clever geniuses felt your regular shoes just didn't have enough integrated CD-ROMs, speakers, tweeters, and a volume control knobs, so they put this little concept together. Forget the fact that there's no way a CD will read in a moving shoe, but look at it. I mean really, look at it. It's like how they predicted the shoe of the future would look like in the 80's.


Jan 26 2007 Airplane falls apart in mid air


About 10 seconds after liftoff from runway 19R something happens with the left engine. A lot of smoke and fragments of metal and other material falls down on the runway. At first the pilots don't get any indications in the cockpit and plan to go on to Kuala Lumpur. Then we decide to call Arlanda duty officer to make sure that they have noticed the pieces from the engine on the runway. Shortly after that the pilots requests fueldump and return to ARN safely.

I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure sutff isn't supposed to fall out of your engine. Click the above for the full-sized image. You can actually see smoke and debris pouring out of there.

Jan 26 2007 Ultrason Toaster is see-through toaster


This toaster uses Ultrason plastic which is heat-resistant up to 220 degrees celsius and is shatter-proof, scratch and impact-resistant, and is not damaged by hot water, steam, or chemicals. The toaster is open and transparent to allow you to see all the toasting magic that happens when you toast. Which isn't really magic. More of a, uh, toasting action.


Jan 26 2007 USB memory sticks are rulers


These USB flash drives use the typology of a ruler to show how much capacity they have. It's an interesting idea, but I doubt anybody wants to carry meter sticks in their pocket for really huge devices.


Jan 25 2007 See through Xbox 360 shell


Scandalous! I'm all for mods, but I don't want my Xbox 360 looking like a slutty little hussy.


Jan 25 2007 Rare sight of ancient shark


A shark with the ugly proportions of the pre-historic era has surfaced near Japan offering a rare view of this denizen of the deep. The "Frilled Shark" is hardly ever seen because its habitat is 600 metres or more below the ocean surface.

The shark was quickly captured after being spotted but died shortly after. Proving once again that our mission to eliminate all dinosaurs is going splendidly.

Jan 24 2007 Pallino glass is half full or half empty


These Pallino glasses are marked at the halfway point with the Italian word for optimist above the line and pessimist below. Noticeably missing: the Italian word for stallion with an arrow pointing at me.


Jan 24 2007 Japanese engineer builds real life Land Walker


Masaaki Nagumo, an engineer at Japan's machinery maker Sakakibara Kikai, gets into a 3.4-metre tall, two-legged robot called Land Walker for a demonstration as part of an art exhibition.

Attach a bazooka or two to that and I think we've got ourselves a winner for bestest thing ever.


Jan 24 2007 0.50 Caliber Venom dart takes out mines


This is a modified satelite-guided bomb which releases thousands of darts carrying the chemical DETA that's meant to take out mines. The Venom dart can go through ten to twelve feet of water or two feet of sand and still retain its effectiveness. Although I'm not entirely sure what the chemical is for. I'm guessing they're pheromones so that when the dart gets to the mine they'll wind up falling deeply in love with each other.


Jan 23 2007 Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 is a vertical mouse


The Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 keeps your hand in a vertical handshake position which the company claims is more comfortable than current mouse positions. I gotta admit I'm a little curious, though I can't imagine you'd have as much control with the side of your hand as you would with your palm. Though I've been wrong before. Like the time I mistook my TV for my microwave. Boy, that was a messy day.


Jan 23 2007 The only MacGuyver tool you'll ever need


The greatest marketing of a toy ever.


Jan 23 2007 SNL Star Wars auditions

This version would've been so much better. If you disagree, you're forgetting the scientific fact that Chistopher Walken automatically makes a movie eighteen times better than it actually is.

Jan 22 2007 Google Maps gets lost


What happens when Google Maps gets lost? It keeps making U-Turns until it finally gives up. Sort of like what I do, except with less cursing and crying. Because everybody knows real men don't ask for directions. I saw it on TV so it must be true.

Jan 22 2007 The Food Network is brainwashing you

I was sitting around waiting for Battlestar Galactica this evening watching Iron Chef America. I had seen the commercials for tonight's episode, and it looked neat so I set it up to record. Towards the end, when they're going over the iron chef and the challenger's entries a McDonalds logo popped up for a single frame. It was pretty obvious at the time because the screen flashes red, I didn't recognize it instantly as the McDonalds logo when I watched it at full speed. I did notice SOMETHING though, and upon rewinding, sure enough... the Food Network is running subliminal advertisements.

So if you start barking at your TV for no reason it might be because the networks are brainwashing you. Or because you're insane. Check to see if you're microwaving your shampoo to make sure.


Jan 22 2007 Woman's face visible from space


Is Canada carving women's faces into their terrain or is it just some geological coincidence? We may never know for sure. Dum dum dum!

Jan 19 2007 Sapphire knife has no metal


If you ever find yourself needing to sneak a knife pass a metal detector, this is a knife that has no metal parts. The handle is made from bone and the blade is made from an artificial sapphire that can only be sharpened with special diamond whetstone. I don't understand why anybody would need this, but hey, the more ways to stab people the better. That's what I always says.

Jan 19 2007 Elio Linea reinvents the watch


Elio Linea is a watch that shows time based on your position in a predetermined period of time. So instead of saying it's noon, it'll say you've got about 2/3 left until you hit noon. It's basically a progress bar for how much time you have left until a designated appointment. The watch itself looks beautiful, it's just unfortunate that it's so very pointless. Sort of like this hat I bought for my microwave. Sigh, what was I thinking?

Jan 19 2007 3D morphable model face animation

They can do this but they still can't make a proper robot sex slave? Damn you, technology! Why do you tease me?

Jan 18 2007 Clippy phone sex

He's not the only one who's into Clippy. Mmm, Boner City here we come. NSFW language.

Jan 17 2007 Girl in human sling shot

I'm telling you now this looks like the funnest thing in the universe. If you offered me sex with Jessica Alba or this I'd already have pushed down and trampled Jessica trying to strap myself in.

Jan 17 2007 World of Warcraft gamer already hits level 70


Just 28 hours after the release of The Burning Crusade, a 24-year-old French World of Warcraft player has already reached level 70. Something Blizzard was expecting the average gamer to take about a year to do. I'm not gonna judge the guy since I play myself, but Jesus, man. I mean, really. Jesus. Man.

Jan 16 2007 Magic Mirror LCD TV is worst mirror ever


Konka's Magic Mirror LCD TV is a TV that includes a camera so when not used as a display it can "reflect" whatever is in front of it. I'm not entirely sure how that's better than an actual mirror or what makes it "magic," but at least they had the good sense to cover it in leapord spots. Otherwise people might not take it seriously.

Jan 16 2007 The Wii Sports Experiment


This guy did 6-weeks of changing nothing in his life except adding 30 minutes of Wii Sports into his routine and seeing how it'd affect his overall fitness. Surprising (or not depending on how you feel about video games) he actually lost weight, and his overall fitness increased. Take a look at all his results here. I tried a similar experiment, except instead of playing Wii Sports I hate a 30lb steak dinner every night. My results weren't as impressive, although I can no longer see my feet. So that's pretty neat.

Jan 15 2007 Inventor of bear suit makes real life Halo suit

halo-suit.jpgThe inventer of a bear-protection suit has created a much slimmer version which has been designed to stave off bullets, explosives, knives, and clubs. The suit is called Trojan and the inventer describes it as the "first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour" and he hopes to get it deployed for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and US soldiers in Iraq. The suit has stood up to an elephant gun, and is made from high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam. Included in the suit are compartments for emergency morphine and salt, a knife and emergency light. Built into the forearms are a small recording device, a pepper-spray gun and a detachable transponder that can be swallowed in case of trouble. The whole suit comes in at 18 kilograms and overs everything but the fingertips and the major joints, and could allegedly be mass-produced for about $2,000. Plus, if you saw an army of these things coming at you you wouldn't even fight. You'd just give up and pray the space robots haven't come to anally probe you.

Jan 15 2007 MPAA caught uploading fake torrents

mpaa-block.gifIf you like to illegally (or legally) download movies off BitTorrent, watch out because the MPAA is uploading fake trackers so they can log IP addresses and send copyright infringement letters to ISPs. There's a whole list of things to watch out for, but basically all the fake torrents are spread out on servers located in Southern California and Las Vegas. I'm not about to say downloading movies is okay, but I am going to say that whenever I hear about the MPAA trying to crack down it just makes me want to steal from them. If the MPAA and RIAA got into the same room together it would be a collective of evil so powerful even the ghost of Hitler would be scared.

Jan 12 2007 Best car note ever


Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? Let this be a lesson to you all, learn how to park your car or the internet will laugh at you.

Jan 11 2007 Messing with internet thieves


Somebody mooching off your wireless internet connection? Either lock it down or do what this guy did: mess with their internets. Using iptables he redirected traffic, flipped images upside down, and even set their webpages to display blurry. It's pretty freaking genius, but I still prefer my way of handling wi-fi thieves: hunting them down and cutting off their heads.

Jan 11 2007 Philips builds fans for gamers


I'm sure there was supposed to be an "away" in there somewhere, but this has to be the worst article title ever. The idea of adding fans to enhance the gaming experience is pretty bad too, but the title of the story trumps all.

Jan 11 2007 Pimped out toilet perfect for super losers


A national plumbing products company is trying to speak to a younger generation by giving away a home-entertainment toilet in Atlanta which features a DVD player, a beer tap, and even a PlayStation. Unfortunately, if you actually want this thing you might as well cut off your penis now, because odds are you won't be using it any time soon.

Jan 10 2007 iPhone combines iPod, phone. other stuff


Apple is on an inventing spree or something, because they've also introduced the iPhone, which combines "a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching" into a little handheld device. it also uses a user interface based on a multi-touch display so you just push the screen instead of using buttons. Although if they wanted a truly revolutionary interface they should've just made the whole thing out of gummy bears.

Jan 10 2007 Apple TV puts stuff on your TV


Apple has introduced Apple TV which syncs with your computer so you can watch videos on your TV. There are already a ton of things out there that do the same thing, but this is the first from Apple. It costs a whopping $300, for something you can easily do with a TV out card and some cables, but whatever. The only way to prove you're cool is to keep everything in your house shiny and white.

Jan 8 2007 Mail with drawing instead of address arrives at destination


Paul Bates sent a Christmas card to his friend in this envelope with no street name, no town, and no postcode, and the thing still arrived. He forgot all his friend's mailing info so he drew the above picture on the front of the envelope and a put a dot writing "somewhere here." The card arrived nine days later, because apparently the postal service has amazing super powers. I tried a similar method when mailing my Christmas list to Santa but I doubt he ever got it, since I'm looking around and I'm still not seeing any rocket cars.

Jan 5 2007 Time Lapse video of Pablo Picasso at work

This is a time lapse video of Pablo Picasso painting in oils allowing us to see his creative process at work. What's amazing is that he actually deforms the painting as he goes, basically taking a relatively normal painting and turning it into his signature style. Sort of like what I do, only instead of abstracting the image I like to draw on little mustaches with a marker. You could even say I'm the Picasso of the modern era. You'd be wrong, but you could still say it.

Jan 5 2007 Tree goats


That above picture isn't photoshopped. Apparently goats like to climb the argan tree because they enjoy eating the fruit that grows on it. The result is the surreal image above of a tree covered in goats. You can see a bunch more shots here.

Jan 4 2007 Ships build man made islands off Dubai


Thanks to the magic of Google Maps here are some shots of ships building massive man made islands off the coast of Dubai. You can actually see sand being pumped into the island. I had a similar project ready for my Fortress of Solitude, but then funding fell through and I had to use cardboard boxes. It's almost as awesome, except on windy days when it just blows away.


Jan 4 2007 Ashley X will never grow up


If you haven't already read about this, Ashley X is a 9 year old girl who had multiple medical treatments at the age of 6 to stunt her growth. She was born with a severe brain impairment known as static encephalopathy which prevents her from eating, walking, or basically having any cognitive or motor skills beyond an infant of three months. The medical treatments to keep her young (which include removing her uterus, breasts, and increasing her oestrogen) were done to keep her the size of a child and prevent the inconveniences of gorwing into an adult. It's a pretty complicated issue, and although the treatment happened 3 years ago it didn't become public until just recently. In response to critics, the father wrote a 9000 word entry on their blog. It's a fascinating read and I recommend you check out the entire story here.

Jan 4 2007 What 200 calories looks like


This guy took pictures of what 200 calories looks like represented by different foods. It's not nearly as dramatic as you'd think though. I was expecting a shot of like half a peanut, but instead it's like entire bowls of yogurt, slices of bread, and pretty much anything else that wouldn't really shock you.

Jan 3 2007 TriPong is Ping Pong for three


Some loser decided to reinvent Ping Pong by adding a third player and calling it TriPong. The concept is dumb, as is everything else about it. The table isn't for sale yet but the inventor is in talks with a major sports company to have it available by the end of 2007. Although if you buy it you're required by law to kill yourself.

Jan 3 2007 Elmo TMX loves being on fire

I don't know why, but this got flagged by the YouTube community. Apparently lighting toys on fire is absolutely offensive these days.

Jan 2 2007 Square CD is coolest CD player ever


Square cd is a minimal cd player. It can be hanged on the wall like a flat screen and when is turned off it appears just like a white corian square on the wall. Once the cd is turned on, a light create the interface and a back light diffuse a soft illumination all around the square. The interface, created with light, and works like a sensible skin wich can read the pressure in the sensitive spot whitout button. The corian surface works also as a speaker tanks to the smart material technologies. A little “magnet”, as the one produced by Feonic, connected to the corian surface, transform all the surface in a speaker.

You're an idiot if you're still buying CD players, but if you must, then this is the only one allowable by law. I'm not even sure if it's for sale, but it's the first time I've considered heading back into the stone age and busting out some real life audio CD's. I've only read about them in history books!