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December 17, 2006 - December 23, 2006 Archives

  • December 22, 2006
    If you're not familiar with the game, acquaint yourself. And then watch this video and appreciate how incredibly lonely the guy who created it must be. ... / Continue →
  • December 21, 2006
    Probably the most determined cat ever to have played the game.... / Continue →
  • December 20, 2006
    The JLr7 uses geometric lighted patterns to tell the time, letting the L-shaped segments represent blocks of hours, quarter past, half past, quarter to, and 14 lights for the time in between. Although I've been studying this thing for the past 15 minutes and I still can't figur... / Continue →
  • December 19, 2006
    Our Boeing 727 BAX aircraft flight 705BX encountered severe weather over Alberta Canada. The aircraft was cruising at 35,000 feet when it encountered tennis ball sized hail. The pictures below show some of the damage. All landing lights were destroyed, as was the radar. Amazi... / Continue →
  • December 19, 2006
    Rogers Cadenhead has been battling MGM for the rights to which he's owned since 1998. They're claiming it infringes on their 1983 movie, even though he uses it to sell war-based games and it has nothing to do with the film. What does this mean for you? Absolutely n... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2006
    Electrolux has developed a pair of green slippers that suck up dirt as you shuffle around. They're still concepts, but they'd be pretty sweet to own. Mostly because I hate vacuuming and love slippers. Now all they need to do is create dish washing underwear and I'll be set.... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2006
    The crazy cats at the Hualapai tribe announced they're opening a glass walkway in March 2007 that would go 70 feet out into the Grand Canyon. I had a way better version, which would span the entire thing. Can you imagine how awesome that would be? Of course not. Your brain woul... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2006
    After 60 years of their signature style, Archie comics are getting revamped with a more modern realistic look. It looks terrible, and makes me thing they'd be better off going with stick figures. That's what I'd do. But I'd also make sure to give all the ladies really big circl... / Continue →