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October 22, 2006 - October 28, 2006 Archives

  • October 26, 2006
    Cuboglass is a television set that's designed to look like, uh, not a television set. When it's off you can't even tell what it is due to its stronger solid lines and more transparent crystals. Just make sure nobody mistakes it for a microwave and tries stuffing their Hot Pocke... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2006
    The various gears and levers inside this clear plastic hand interact to move the fingers as if they're playing one of six classic piano pieces. Although I think with a little clever programming I can get this bad boy to curse in sign language. Nothing says classy like a clear r... / Continue →
  • October 25, 2006
    I've been known to use the Google occasionally too. But only to find the pornographies. I know the guy isn't a genius, but this is Google. Google. It's like being unfamiliar with that thing we call the Sun.... / Continue →
  • October 25, 2006
    If you're into murdering people or collecting fingers or any other weird ass hobbies these speakers are right up your alley. While they might have the best sound quality, are there any other speakers out there that'll make the neighborhood children fear you? I think not. Sourc... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2006
    The Navirobo from iXs is a GPS device, but instead of giving audible directions the 9.8-inch bear sits on your dash and raises his paw to point you toward your destination. He even does other cool stuff like turning around to mock you by pointing at a turn you missed or doing a... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2006
    A Japanese recording engineer has created the world's first glass CD. Because existing plastic CDs are not completely transparent, information on them cannot be read perfectly. They are also susceptible to bending or warping if left in sunlight or humid areas, which leads to so... / Continue →