Aug 30 2006Biggest MMORPG scam ever executed


I'm not familiar with how Eve Online plays, but apparently a player in the game pulled off the biggest MMORPG scam in the history of gaming. Over the course of four months, a guy named "cally" ran a player-operated bank called "Eve Intergalactic Bank" where hundreds of players deposited money. The bank offered interest, loans and insurance like every other bank, except that one day cally decided to grab all the money that was deposited and fly off to space with an alleged total sum of 790 billion Isk. In real life that would translate to $170,000. Which is why I've decided to quit my job and scam online gamers for a living. Why flip burgers when you can just invent imaginary banks and run off with billions of dollars?

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youre an idiot


holy crap thats alot of money

there's a whole industry surrounding buying and selling of currency now. im sure theres plenty of people who play these games for a living now

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


info that u have given in this blog is really impressive..Iam very happy to visit ur blog..

You missed one major detail:

Cally was once a pirate, who, I believe, had the highest bounty placed on him. Now your asking yourself, "who the hell would trust him then?", and my answer would be, "Cally is probably his alternative character, his main character is unknown".

So, he had experience, connections, MONEY, all the good stuff.

EVE will NOT replace your JOB. It can't. It would take a miracle that is larger than 2012 happening. It just won't happen.

And also, they will catch you selling ISK if you want to do it as a job. They always catch you...

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