Jun 2 2006Giant Crossbow to Fire Man from Earth

crossbow.jpg Inventor Brian Walker has developed possibly the world's largest crossbow with an intent to fire himself and a rocket-powered aircraft 20 miles into the sky. This project, awesomely referred to as RUSH or Rapid Up SuperHigh (awesome), uses a carbon fiber bowstring that is stretched 24 feet along the railing of the crossbow and a self-designed aircraft with a jet turbine that provides 1,350 pounds of thrust. The aircraft's descent back to Earth will be slowed by hydrogen peroxide rockets also on the craft. The flight is tentatively scheduled for this fall, but he first plans to test the crossbow with a giant fiberglass arrow. What a great idea. Before he can go down in history as the guy who fell to his death when his giant crossbow misfired, he'll be imprisoned for destroying an elementary school/orphanage/petting zoo with his giant fiberglass sky arrow. Terrific.


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Genius! why didn't I think of it before?!

Thanks for your information!

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