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WMD Computer Case Modification

atomic_bomb.jpg The WMD is a custom-built computer case crafted to resemble the elaborate nuclear bombs commonly found in action blockbusters and television shows. It features a count-down clock, a lockable numeric keypad, LED displays, and a rugged stainless steel exterior. The keypad is the main controller for the case and the computer, functioning as the power and reset switch for the computer; the start, stop, and setup keys for the timer; and the eject button for the slot-loaded DVD drive. The linked tutorial is extremely detailed, so you should have no problem creating your own WMD computer provided... you... have... enough... time. Once you do build one, make sure you drive around with it tied to the roof of your car. Let everyone see your fine craftsmanship and handiwork.


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  • Inbal Landsberg

    Looking to buy one of these ready made. If anyone is interested please email me

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