PixelRoller: Computer-Assisted Paint Roller

April 7, 2006

PixelRoller is a paint roller that paints text and images uploaded to the roller from a computer interface. Designed by Stuard Wood and Florian Ortkrass, the PixelRoller restricts the amount and location of the paint that's released, creating a line of text with every slash of the roller. Although they have also used the PixelRoller to create simple images (see below), they admit that it needs further development before it can be marketed. This seems like a quick and easy way to add another line of text to your card door or rear window. Remember, your car's speed is directly proportional to the number of times you've inappropriately plastered your car's brand name on your car.



  • Wally

    i'm going through your archives and leaving this comment. you can't thank me later. i'm busy right now.

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