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Hamster vs. Human Video Game


A research lab in Singapore has been working on a video game that will allow you to play against your pet hamster. Their project, Mice Arena, places a hamster in a tank with a computer-controlled floor. When a human player begins a game, the floor of the tank shifts and molds to match the landscape of the video game. The player's location in the video game is mapped to a piece of bait in the tank, and the hamster's location and movement in the tank is mapped into the video game. As the player moves and attempts to flee the digital hamster in the game, the piece of bait in the tank moves in a corresponding direction. Although this is a good start, I won't be happy until people and hamsters start facing off in arena combat similar to that of American Gladiators. The eventual prize of those bouts? Complete control of the world's supply of wood chips and exercise wheels.


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  • Justin

    I would say i'm surprised that it wasn't made a while ago but it's been six years.

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