Fastest Robot on Two Legs

April 6, 2006

two_legs.jpg "RunBot," a robot developed by scientists from Germany and Scotland, has just beaten the record for fastest robot on two legs, walking at a brisk 3.5 leg lengths per second. The speed record was previously held by MIT's "Spring Flamingo," a robot that is much taller, but only manages to move at 1.4 leg-lengths per second. The "RunBot" has very few sensors compared to other two-legged robots, and only detects when a foot touches the ground and when a leg swings forward. On the goal of the project, one scientist stated "we wanted to show that a very simple system with a simple neuronal controller could walk in a natural manner," which actually means "I wanted a robot that could walk down to the liquor store to get me a carton of cigarettes, which is what my kid used to do before my wife got him in the settlement."


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