Build Your Own Tornado Machine

April 20, 2006

tornado_machine.jpgHarald Edens has posted step-by-step plans to make your very own tornado generation machine. Before you start planning your path of trailer park destruction, you should know that the vortex it creates is localized inside the machine, and the machine is mainly for visual purposes. The project apparently uses basic parts that you can find in junk yards, and it supposedly doesn't require that much effort to build. One person has even confirmed that it's possible. Although it seems like a neat project, I'm pretty sure that this device will inevitably end up in the pages of those catalogs with other "interesting" products like x-ray glasses that don't work and fake dog poop that ends up being the reason why your dad takes your dog to the vet to get put down. On your birthday. When your grandmother died. I might be speaking from personal experience.


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