Ants Help Robots Navigate

April 19, 2006

ants.jpg Scientists are studying ants to help autonomous robots improve their navigation skills. Ants use landmarks to find their way in unknown territory, as well a system known as "path integrator," in which ants continually measure the distance traveled and directions taken in order to determine a straight route back to their home. This system is a reliable way to navigate, and many feel it could be beneficial to robots. Scientists plan to continue to study ants for robot technology, with an eventual goal of having thousands of tiny robots enter my house and start living in my kitchen and ruining all those pop tarts and my cereal and that last piece of cake that I was saving for a special occasion. Those greedy bastards.


  • Justin

    So the Machines have teamed up with the one thing that hates us more than they do, Mother Nature... Soooo do you think they'll buy that all that mass dumping of carbon dioxide was so the trees could breath better.

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