March 27, 2006

Dub Wheels has released Pimpstar, a product that is aptly described as a "huge leap forward in the evolution of the wheel." The Pimpstar line incorporates full color LED lights and a microprocessor into each wheel of your car, allowing you to display images, text, graphics, logos, and photos on the wheels themselves. You can update the images while you drive, and since each wheel has its own microprocessor, you can display different images on each wheel. It's obivious. Four wheels. Four Golden Girls. What else can I say?

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samsung_perfume.jpg Samsung has applied for a patent titled "Cellular Phone Having Spraying Apparatus" which may or may not drastically increase the amount of interesting smells emanating from your phone. The patent basically outlines a special perfume cartridge that can be placed in a cell phone. You should be able to interchange the perfume cartridge when it's empty, and the patent mentions the possibility of spraying different perfumes based on a user's preference. They outline a few uses on the site, one of the most obvious is assigning different smells for each of your contacts. Thanks to this technology, we'll all get to spend hours trying to create a smell that really defines Grandma.


lobster_robots.jpg ABC News has a story about the various animal robot experiments of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It seems that DARPA gets so much of your tax money, it has nothing better to do than throw it at random animal robot projects. Some examples? Well, they have previously placed money in remote-controlled shark spies and bomb-sniffing insect soldiers. Right now they are interested in building robot lobsters. That's right, robot lobsters. They need a robot to sweep the ocean floor for mines and buried bombs, so they went with a delicious-tasting crustacean as their inspiration. On the topic of DARPA's future projects, the article states "we're going to have an army of dolphins and robotic bears attacking the enemy anytime soon." That quote might have been preceded by "I wouldn't interpret that to mean," but I really can't say for sure.


spray-on.jpg Wired has an article about incorporating technology into fashion design. They predict that the ideas being developed in labs today will inevitably make it onto the fashion scene in just a few years. They provide a slide show of examples like jackets with built-in fans, transforming boots and dresses, jewelry made from epithelial skin cells, and camera-enabled hoodies. The most intriguing of all the ideas is spray-on clothing (pictured), a technology invented by Manel Torres that allows you to apply clothing from a spray can. I find it comforting to know that no matter how overweight I become, it will only take a few cans of clothing to make me a nicely-fitted parka.

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gsr.jpgDid a secret government agency really force your roommate to sleep with your girlfriend, or has he been lying all along? Why not find out by building yourself a quick a simple lie detector test? Using the Lego Mindstorm kit, velcro, and tinfoil, you can construct a Galvanic Skin Response sensor that determines the amount of sweat on your skin at any given time. The theory is that when someone tells a lie, or is under any stress, they sweat more than when they are truthful and calm. Simply slap one of these together, heed the brief warning about sudden and violent death by electrocution, and you can be well on your way to stripping away all the lies on which your relationships are firmly based.


on_target.jpg On Target is "an interactive installation with the functional purpose of improving hygiene," which is just a fancy way to say "a urinal with a video game built in." The urinal features a pressure-sensitive display that operates an interactive game with images and sounds. One purpose of the game is to save on cleaning costs, as it will give gentlemen a reason to aim properly, but I don't think they factor in the costs of hiring a electrical repairman willing to work deep in a urinal. Remember, On Target is an example of a video game with urinal functionality, but not all video games are that way. Knowing this will help you avoid many awkward conversations with the arcade manager about the proper way to play Ms. Pac Man.