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Don't Ask Why: Darth Gummy, A Full Scale Darth Vader Helmet Made With Over 1,000 Gummi Bears


This is Darth Gummi, a full-scale replica of Darth Vader's helmet covered with over 1,000 Gummi Bears by artist CrummyGummy, who may or may not actually earn a living covering things with Gummi Bears (do my couch next!). Never thought you'd see a Gummi Bear Darth Vader helmet, did you? Yet here we are. Wait, where is here? "I kidnapped you, you're in my basement." Screw this! *makes a run for the stairs, trips when leg shackle reaches the end of its chain* What do you want from me?! "YOUR SOUL." Ahahahahhahahha, soul -- clearly you've got the wrong guy. Now if you'll kindly unchain me I'll just make myself a quick sandwich and be on my way.

Keep going for a more angled shot.

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R/C Plane Crashes Into Ocean, Films Underwater Reef Life


This is the video from an R/C plane flying over Osprey Bay in Western Australia when the plane's operator loses sight of it in the sun's glare and crashes it into the ocean. Mayday, mayday! The R/C plane then continues to film the sea life around a reef, including a bunch of fish and at least one shark. Sadly, there were no mermaids. Or sign of Nemo, leading at least one blogger to speculate he really is floating belly-up in Darla the fish-killer's aquarium.

Hit the jump for the video, but feel free to skip (or prance) around.

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There Will Be Tears: Budweiser's Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad


Feel like crying at work today? Cool, just watch this. Then on Sunday during the actual Super Bowl you can feel confident going to the bathroom during the commercials knowing you've already seen them all.

Keep going for the commercial, then go home and hug your pets and cry into their fur.

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Infographic Of Who Owns Marvel Character Movie Rights


Note: Full-res version right HERE.

This is a visual guide to who owns all the different Marvel character movie rights created by artist and writer Maurice Mitchell of the The Geek Twins. As you can see, Lionsgate Entertainment made out the smartest with the rights to Man-Thing. All those other characters, pfft, who's ever even heard of them? Especially those Guardians of the Galaxy. You seriously expect to make a successful movie about that ragtag group of nobodies? Good luck with that one, dummies.

Thanks to KL, who is superhero movied out and just wants to watch a decent rom-com for once.

Squire, Fetch My BMX: Massive 100-Foot Underground Bike Park Opening In Louisville, Kentucky


These are a couple videos of the Mega Underground Bike Park opening in Louisville, Kentucky next month. The 320,000-square foot park sits 100-feet underground in a limestone cavern and stays a mild 60-degrees year round. The 45 trails include jump lines, pump tracks, dual slalom, BMX, cross Country and single track. I have no clue what any of those are. What I do know is I'm going to go down there and bunny hop so f***ing hard I bring the roof down.

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People Reacting To Tesla's 'Insane Mode' Button That Launches Car From 0 - 60MPH In 3.2 Seconds


Note: First video has tons of cussing on account of being launched like a rocket. Second video has all the cuss words edited out. Don't watch that one.

This is a video of Brooks from DragTimes demonstrating the Tesla P85D's 'Insane Mode' on unsuspecting passengers. After coming to a complete stop and engaging the insane mode button, the car launches from 0 - 60MPH in 3.2 seconds. That's like, supercar fast. The Tesla P85D starts at around $120,000, and will be used exclusively as my getaway car of choice for all future bank robberies. I mean, after the one I have to pull off to buy the car in the first place. Hopefully a 2004 Prius with bad brakes will work for that one.

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For The Ladies: Frilly Underwear That Look Like Cupcakes


Remember those animal face with ears panties made by Etsy store Knickerocker? Well now they're back with these cupcake panties. They have frills and look like cupcakes and cost $45 a pair. Obviously, probably not the best choice for period panties. Just being honest. I like the fruit on top, I that's a nice touch. I think these underwear really make for one *putting on cool guy sunglasses* sweet looking ass. "Your sunglasses are missing a lens." Yeah I sat on them in the car and now I can't find it.

Keep going for several more shots plus some BONUS rainbow cake underwear because it's a proven fact most people on the internet like looking at people in their underwear.

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People Experiencing Virtual Reality P0rn For First Time


Note: Video is relatively SFW, but audio isn't because people say a lot of dirty words when they're describing their experience. Best watched on your phone under the covers before bed tonight.

This is a video of a bunch of folks demoing some virtual reality p0rn for the first time. Apparently the program isn't interactive, but you can look around in every direction like at your partner's face, or their privates. Me? I would close my eyes and try to pretend I'm having real sex. You know what the worst thing about immersive virtual reality p0rn is? It's like masturbating with a blindfold on and earbuds in -- you won't even know when your roommate gets home and sees you. Plus in my mind they brought company over.

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