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Jared Leto's Suicide Squad Joker Appearance Revealed


This is a a shot of Jared Leto as The Joker for the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I like all the HA HA HA tattoos. I wonder if he got them ironically. What do you think the tattoo on his abs says? My guess is "DADDY'S GIRL", but I'm also not very good at guessing.

Thanks to Braden, who wants to see a shot of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn now.

Man Celebrates Son's Birth With Massive Face Tattoo


Because those 'It's A Boy' bubblegum cigars aren't for everyone, this is a shot of the tattoo 20-year old Christien Sechrist got to celebrate the birth of his son, Perseus. Christien insists he has no regrets about the tattoo and would do it again given the opportunity. Hey -- have another kid and you can get the other side of your face done. When reached for comment about his father's decision, Christien's son just cried and filled his diaper with shit.

Thanks to BD, who agrees faces are the best places for tattoos because that's how you let people know you mean business.

Mmmm, Crab Cakes: Octopus Chasing Crab


This is a video of an octopus chasing a crab. Despite a valiant effort to escape, the crab loses. Now I want crabs. I remember going crabbing in Maryland by tying a piece of frozen chicken to a string and slowly pulling the crabs out of the water. One time a crab pinched me and a buddy peed on my hand to ease the pain. "That's only for jellyfish stings." Well I know that now.

Keep going for the video.

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Android Spotted Peeing On Apple Logo In Google Maps


This is a screencap from Google Maps of a spot in Rawalpindi, Pakistan (links to actual Google Map) featuring a half mile tall Android logo peeing on the Apple logo. It's just like those bootleg Calvin and Hobbes stickers of Calvin peeing that good ol' boys put on their trucks except way f***ing dorkier and less likely to get you beat up in some backwoods rest stop bathroom.

Thanks to Alex S, who has one of those Calvin peeing on the Ford logo stickers on his truck even though it's an F-150. You're weird.

How To: Make Your Own Cookie Monster Skin Rug


This is the Instructable for making your own Cookie Monster skin rug. It basically involves finding blue fur fabric, cutting it out into the shape of a skinned Cookie Monster, then attaching some eyeballs. Pretty simple. Mine still turned out looking like shit, but what's new? I'm bad at following directions. I'm also bad at following the rules, which is why I'm writing this from jail. "You get to use a computer?" No, but I do have an ass big enough to hide a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and a short video.

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There Can Be Only One: Flamethrower Vs. Fire Hose


This is a short video of a flamethrower and fire hose doing battle. Who wins? SPOILER: the fire hose. The water wins. Although it did cheat and get a head start. Also, now I want to see a four-way battle between earth, water, fire and wind. Who do you think would win that fight? SPOILER: Heart. Heart was always Captain Planet's favorite. Weren't you, Ma-Ti? "We're married now." Okaaaaaay.

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Caffeine, I Choose You!: Pokemon Themed Coffee Mugs


This is a series of Pokemon themed coffee and tea mugs designed and sold by Toxikon on Society 6. They cost $15 for 11oz mugs, $18 for 15oz mugs, and sadly do not come in a 36oz versions for the serious coffee drinkers like myself. You know what my coffee drinking record for one day is? FOUR GALLONS. Then I stayed up for three days sweating and staring at a blank computer screen. I was going to try to tire myself by masturbating but was was so wired I was scared I might tear my penis off. Caffeine: it's a powerful drug.

Keep going for shots of the other designs, more coming soon allegedly.

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Revenge Served Lukewarm: Cheating Boyfriend Gets All Dozen Of His Apple Products Thrown In Bathtub


This is the aftermath of a Japanese man cheating on his girlfriend. She decided to exact revenge by dumping all his dozen plus Apple products in the bathtub. For reference, that is entirely too many Apple products. Plus girlfriends. Hopefully the sex was worth it, bro. When reached for comment about the incident, the man could not be reached for comment about the incident because all his phones and computers were soaking in the tub.

Keep going for a shot of his iMac taking a bath.

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