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Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Engagement Ring


This is custom commissioned Nightmare Before Christmas themed engagement ring created by jeweler Austin Moore. It's an interpretation of the ending scene from the movie (PICTURE) when Jacky and Sally confess their love for each other in front of the moon. In this case, the moon is represented by a large blue topaz, and Jack and Sally by two small white diamonds. I'd wear it. I mean, if somebody asked me to marry them. They won't though, because no matter how many times my mom has told me I'm a catch, life has proven time and time again I'm a release.

Thanks to Broken Wing, who should really get that looked at.

Disney Developing 3-D Augmented Reality Coloring Books


This is a video demonstration of Disney's new augmented reality system that allows a child to see a 3D version of the character they're coloring as they're coloring it. Obviously, I would have drawn a penis on that elephant IMMEDIATELY. Apparently Crayola already did something similar previously but you had to wait until you were finished coloring to see the 3D version. This one is real-time. Are regular coloring books not enough anymore? Does a child have to look through a tablet to be entertained by a coloring book these days? Because when I was growing up coloring books were strictly ANALOG. And those lines were VERY DIFFICULT to stay between, let me tell you. I think in my whole life my mom only hung like two of my coloring book pages on the fridge, and one of those I had to give a girl at school my chocolate milk at lunch to color for me.

Keep going for the video demo.

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That Is Way Too Big: North America's Largest Caterpillar


This is a video of a Hickory Horned Devil (Citheronia regalis) crawling around on a woman's hands. The Hickory Horned Devil is North America's largest caterpillar and metamorphoses into a regal moth. The moth has a six-inch wingspan but is significantly smaller than its caterpillar form. The caterpillar is harmless and only looks terrifying to scare away predators. I'm guessing it works too because I'm not even a predator and I want nothing to do with that monster. Could you imagine if this is what the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar was based on? It would have eaten the whole f***ing planet and started chewing its way towards the sun.

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Also Sick: How To Make Your Own Realistic Brain Cake


If those zombie mouth cupcakes weren't enough for you, here's a recipe from How To Cake It developed to help bakers make their own realistic brain cakes. It basically involves making a mound-shaped cake (in this case red velvet), then covering the exterior with ropes of fondant and raspberry jam. pretty realistic looking. I have never seen a brain in real life but I imagine that is what it would look like. Did I almost puke just looking at it? Yes. "Pretty sure that was a fart." IT WAS A DRY HEAVE.

Keep going for a video tutorial, text recipe with pictures available HERE.

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Sick!: Do-It-Yourself Realistic Zombie Mouth Cupcakes


Halloween lover and Instructable user SemadarG posted this tutorial for how to make your own zombie mouth cupcakes. The entirety of the mouth and gums and teeth are molded by hand out of fondant though, so if you don't have sculpting skills/hand-eye coordination, yours might not turn out so well. You know, I love it when Facebook friends post pictures after they try do-it-yourself projects like this and they just turn out looking like absolute shit but a bunch of people still comment anyways saying how great they look because that's what real friends are for. Obviously, I am not a real friend, I'm a f***ing monster.

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Would Road Rage So Hard: Insane Chinese Traffic Jam


Seen here on what appears to be a 4,000-lane highway, a checkpoint on the other side of a tollbooth causes a bottleneck and massive traffic jam outside of Beijing. Honestly, if I had been stuck in this I probably would have spontaneously human combusted. I do not cope well with traffic. One time I got stuck in rush-hour traffic for twenty minutes and had already ripped the steering wheel off and was trying to hang myself with it using one of those little hooks made for dry-cleaning.

Keep going for the video, then be thankful this isn't part of your commute.

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Instagram Account Collects Google Map Pictures Of The Saddest Named Places On Earth


Sad Topographies is an Instagram account that posts pictures from Google Maps featuring the saddest named places on earth. I feel like I've lived in all of these places. Currently though I feel like I live smack dab between a rock and a red-hot hard place. "Why is it red-hot?" Because it's the devil's boner.

Keep going for a bunch more, although I'd definitely recommend wearing full chain-mail if you have any intention of climbing Bloody Dick Peak without incident.

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Wheeeeeee!: Guy Builds Tractor Trailer With Car Launching Ramp On Front In Grand Theft Auto V


This is a video from Grand Theft Auto V fanatic BlackSmoke Billy demonstrating the car-launching power of the different ramp trucks he built in-game. It was fun to watch. Like a sporting event where everybody's team wins. Can you think of any sport where everybody's team really wins? "Drinking games." DING DING DING DING! You bring over the Solo cups, I'll go pick up a keg.

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