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Nice: New Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegics Walk Again


This is the Phoenix exoskeleton. It was designed to allow paraplegics or people with other mobility disorders to rise from their wheelchairs and walk again. The company hopes to get the cost of the exoskeleton down to $10,000 - $15,000 when they start producing them on a greater scale, but they currently go for around $40,000. Somehow, I know those stupid hoverboards are to blame.

The only motors in the exoskeleton are in the hips, and the knees lock automatically. The user does have to use crutches or a walker to balance themselves, but it can still help them walk. A button on the crutches prods the legs forward by activating the motors in the hips.

Pretty cool, right? I am all about IMPROVING LIVES. And I'd like to think that, in some very small twisted way, I make your life a little better. I know having a friend like you makes my life better. You mean a lot to me. We should get matching tattoos. "No." Matching airbrushed t-shirts at the beach? "Maybe." You're so sweet to me! Let's Eskimo kiss.

Keep going for a couple heartwarming videos about the Phoenix.

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I Must Be Drunk: Novelty Upside Down Wine Glass


This is the £7 (~$10) Upside Down Wine Glass available from Red5. You drink from the base to confuse your friends. They are going see you do that and decide they must be REALLY drunk. Or that you're the kind of person that would buy a novelty upside-down wine glass. The design also looks like it'll make it easy to accidentally pour wine all over yourself. So, anybody want to take a Jell-O shot out of my belly button? Come on, I had to refrigerate myself overnight to make this happen.

Thanks to Jess, who agrees that does not look easy to clean if you don't wash it out right away.

LEGO Unveils Their First Female Ghostbusters Set


LEGO just unveiled their first LEGO set for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. It features all four female Ghostbusters with proton packs (plus their secretary Kevin), a red demon, the ECTO-1, and a little motorcycle (the ECTO-2). The $60 set goes on sale July 1st, about two weeks before the July 15th movie opening. Now what's up with all the people upset about a female Ghostbusters cast? If there was a ghost in my house I don't care who comes to take care of it, as long as that ghost gets busted. Honestly, whenever there's something strange in my neighborhood (i.e. a monster under my bed) I always BEG my girlfriend to go check it out. Leave the hiding under the covers and crying into Mr. Blankie to me.

Keep going for several more shots.

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The United States Of Questions: What People Google Asking About Each State


This is a map created by the folks at mental_floss showing autocomplete search results for typing 'Why does [state name]' into Google while in Chrome's Incognito (aka p0rn hunting) mode. The majority of sports related results were dismissed with a few exceptions for states that nobody asks any non-sports related questions about. What is that state in the middle that people ask why it smells? Is that East Dakota? "Nebraska, East Dakota isn't even a real state." Uh-oh, looks we've got a geometry whiz over here! "Geography." I should have gone to school.

Thanks to hairless, whose Google searches are entirely razor and Nair related.

You're Doing It Wrong: Cat Tries To Catch Aquarium Fish


This is a short video of Youtuber Trent Vanderheiden's wife's cat (Trent claims no responsibility) trying to catch a fish in the aquarium. Apparently he does this all the time and never learns his lesson. I do the same thing with putting metal in the microwave. You know, I've been considering getting an aquarium but I've also been considering moving really far away so I feel like I should wait to make that decision. Besides, can fish even survive on the sun?

Keep going for the video.

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Settlers Of Catan Board Game Made With Personal Pizzas


This is a Settlers of Catan board game made with personal pizzas. As is clearly evident by the photo, they really used it to play a game too. That is kinda nasty. Still, I would have eaten most of the game board before the first dice roll. I ate all your settlements, I win! "That's not how the game is played." I think I'm going to puke everywhere now. I'm so glad game night was at your place instead of mine this week.

Thanks to carey, who once invited me to play Settlers of Catan with a bunch of different pints of ice cream and that's why I'm diabetic now.

Conspiracy!: Ancient Sculpture Of Lady Using A Laptop


This is an ancient Greek sculpture of what appears to be a woman using a laptop. Of course it's not a laptop, it just looks like one. Just kidding, totally a laptop. I think she's Skyping a lover and about to take her top off!

The piece, "Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant," is a marble carving created in 100 B.C. and features a woman lounging on a chair while reaching toward "the lid of a shallow chest held by a servant girl," the piece's description on the Getty website explains.

Pfft, I know a shallow chest when I see one, and that isn't one. What shallow chest has USB ports? That is a LAPPY TOPPY. Also I'm pretty sure that armrest is a giant lightsaber. And her little servant? CYBORG CHILD, possibly from outerspace.

Keep going for a closeup of the computer and a conspiracy video in case you want to go down a crazy person's rabbit hole.

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Must Be Nice: Woman Gets Airline Flight All To Herself


These are a couple shots of Zhang aboard the Chinese airline flight she got all to herself thanks to people cancelling their trips due to winter storms or booking an earlier flight. You know I've been on a plane with only one other person before. Unfortunately, that person was not a pilot and we crashed into the side of a jungle mountain. I live here now, it's like Lost but without all the weird shit happening. I'm bored come rescue me.

Zhang had a grand time on the 2-hour ride. She didn't have to fight over armrests or listen to screaming babies. Instead, she switched seats often, chatted with the flight attendants, and shared a bag of oranges with the pilot.

There is nothing better than a flight with almost nobody on it. I like to find a seat without anybody in front of me because I have long legs and if somebody tries to recline their chair it will break my kneecaps. One of my kneecaps is already broken from a bicycle accident and I can't kneel on it or I get a shooting pain up my leg. I asked a doctor to take a look at it but he asked where my pet is and told me he's a veterinarian and he's not going to look at my knee even though I was kind of dancing a $5 bill in front of his face and raising my eyebrows enticingly.

Thanks to n0nentity, or may or may not be a ghost inside the machine. I don't even know what that means but I just gave myself the chills.