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It's A Christmas Miracle!: Armored Truck In Hong Kong Spills $2-Million On Highway


This is a short video of the aftermath in Wan Chai, Hong Kong on Christmas Eve after an armored truck's doors opened while on the highway, sending $2-million (US) in banknotes onto the road. I have questions. 1) how does an armored truck's doors accidentally open while driving? Because my car's doors seem to stay shut just fine and I don't even drive an armored truck. Sounds like an inside job to me. 2) why wasn't the money better secured in the back of the truck? Was it just in a big Scrooge McDuck pile? Because that would be fun to jump in. Police have arrested two citizens after running off with some of the money, but estimate they've only returned about $730,000 of the missing bills. So where's the other $1,270,000? SPOILER: in a suitcase handcuffed to a man boarding a jet out of Hong Kong right now. I saw a movie once, I know how these things work.

Keep going for a video of people scrambling like they're in one of those money tornado booths.

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Tiniest Halftime Show Ever Features Live Insect Band


This is an ad for the upcoming Pepsi Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show featuring a live insect (and spider) band. It's worth a watch, and that's saying a lot because I only drink Coke. Sadly, the band never got to finish the rest of its tour because of my foot.

Keep going for the video.

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Cool: 'Ghost Ship' Projected On Water In Amsterdam Canal


This is an image of the 17th century ship that's being projected on two intersecting curtains of water (to make it appear more 3-D) in an Amsterdam canal. The installation was created by Romanian architecture studio visualSKIN and will be on display until January 18th as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Pretty cool, right? I'm going to do the same thing in my bathtub. And by do the same thing I obviously mean try to start a whirlpool with my boner.

Keep going for one more shot and a BONUS video.

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Monkey Resuscitates Friend After Being Electrocuted


Note: Video is kind of graphic on account of temporarily dead monkey.

This is a video from a Kanpur, India train station of a monkey resuscitating his friend that was electrocuted by the high-voltage electrical lines the trains run on. Obviously, he manages to save him, otherwise the title would have read 'Sadness: Monkey Fails To Resuscitate Friend After Being Electrocuted'. Plus I never would have posted it.

Keep going for the video, but do NOT use it as an instructional video of how to resuscitate a human friend (there's a lot of head biting and body slamming).

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explaining Why Stephen Hawking Is So Important To Our Understanding Of The Universe


To celebrate the release of the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything, this is a video of Neil DeGrasse Tyson highlighting one of the many examples of why Stephen Hawking has been so instrumental to our understanding of the universe. Did you know black holes can evaporate? That was news to me. It's crazy to think black holes can evaporate but the cat piss on my bedroom carpet still smells after all these months.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Robotic Spider Dress Stabs People Who Come Too Close


This is Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht's Spider Dress. It monitors the wearer's surroundings and respiration, and extends its legs if their breathing rate increases or somebody comes too close. Not a bad idea. Also, just wildly waving a steak knife around. It seems to work for this guy I've seen at the bus stop.

Keep going for a short video of the dress in action.

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DIY Breaking Bad Heisenberg Paper Snowflake Design


This is the Heisenberg paper snowflake design created by artist Lloyd Kinsley. There's a link to a downloadable PDF of the design at Lloyd's Behance page HERE. Obviously, hanging a couple near your stocking will let Santa know what you REALLY want for Christmas. "Meth?" God no, I was going to say the complete series on Blu-Ray.

Thanks Lloyd, but I'm not allowed to play with scissors.

I'd Watch It: Fan-Made Marvel Vs DC Movie Trailer


This is the Marvel Vs DC movie trailer edited together by Youtuber Alex Luthor. Wait -- THE Lex Luthor? You would think he'd be too busy supervillaining and hating Superman to find the time to edit fake movie trailers together. Yet here we are. Maybe he outsourced all his villaining. Which, AGGRAVATING FACT: is how telemarketing was invented.

Keep going for the trailer.

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