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Fireworks Equipped Quadrocopter Chasing Some Dudes


This is a video of a quadrocopter with roman candles attached chasing after two dudes in the snow (previously: this version). The screencap above was taken right before red shorts takes a direct hit to the back. Obviously, they encourage you to not try this at home. Obviously, I will not heed that warning and will spend my Memorial Day weekend having fireworks shot at me. More than likely, I will spend the following two days in the hospital lying to doctors and telling them a Lean Cuisine exploded when I was taking it out of the microwave.

Keep going for the video, then be careful this weekend because I plan on being reckless enough for all of us.

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New Crayfish Looks Like It Was Painted With Outerspace


This is Cherax pulcher, a newly described species of crayfish from Indonesia. It looks like Mother Nature painted it with a picture of a beautiful nebula. You think she did it at one of those wine and painting parties I see so many pictures of in my Facebook minifeed? Maybe. Mother Nature is definitely a heavy wine drinker, I know that for a fact. Aren't you, Mother Nature? Just admit it. "Mommy needs her juicy." My God, you really are a wreck.

Thanks to Ram, who has made it his mission to discover a new species of something and name it after himself. I've been wanting to do the same thing!

Hoodie With An Integrated Pouch For Your Cat


The Mewgaroo Hoodie (~$50) is a hoodie with a giant pouch on the front for a kitty to curl up in. Also works for small dogs. The pouch has a removeable, washable liner so it doesn't get all funky in there. Plus the hood has little ears and the cuffs have paw pads on them so it makes you look like a cat too! Meow? HISSSSSSS. This is the perfect hoodie to bring your cat to work in. Personally, I've only brought a cat to work once, and that was by accident. You see what happened was, I slept in my car with the windows down the night before and one of the neighborhood cats paid me an unexpected visit. He was a terrible copilot and I hit two cars and drove into a creek on the way home.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video of a relatively large cat that managed to squeeze his fat ass into the pouch.

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New World Record For Distance Traveled On Hoverboard


"Hey McFly you bojo, those boards don't work on water!"
"Unless you've got POWER!"

This is a video of Catalina Alexandru Duru traveling 275.9 meters (905-feet, 2 inches) on a hoverboard. Except not the kind of hoverboard you imagined, this is more like a quadrocopter you can stand on. Still, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the furthest flight on a hoverboard. The previous record was only 50 meters (164 feet). My personal best? 1.2 meters (4-feet). Although technically that was just a jump, and I did roll my ankle on the landing.

Keep going for a video of the wow, I always imagined hoverboards being way quieter.

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Software CEO Has Star Trek Voyager Office Building Built


The CEO of Chinese software firm NetDragon is such a big Star Trek fan he had the company's $160-million headquarters built to look like the Star Trek Voyager. This is a Google satellite image of that building, and there's a video tour after the jump. When I'm the CEO of my own company you know what I'm going to have my headquarters built to look like? "A strip club." Exactly. Not only is it going to LOOK like a strip club, it's going to BE a strip club. With both male and female dancers though because I want all my employees to be as happy and productive as possible.

Keep going for a video tour of the building's exterior, complete with one of the weirdest choices in soundtracks I could imagine.

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Just Like Our Ancestors Used To: Grilling Steaks With Lava


I don't think our ancestors actually cooked steaks with lava, by the way. I don't think they were grilling steaks at all. I always imagine them just standing really still and biting animals as they went by. This is a video from Syracuse University's Lava Project of a couple guys grilling steaks, salmon and hot dogs with man-made lava. It's pretty amazing these guys can make lava but can't seem to grill a steak anything but ultra well-done. If you told me you were going to char them all I would have just eaten mine raw. Speaking of -- raw hamburger meat is still one of my guilty pleasures. Plus it's the perfect meal for staying up all night because usually I'm rocking back and forth on the shitter for hours and hours afterward.

Keep going for the video.

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How To: Make Your Own LEGO Brick Gummi Candies


This is an Instructable created by SFHandyman detailing how to make your own gummi LEGO bricks and minifigs. It's not too complicated. Will they taste better than real LEGO bricks? No, nothing is ever better than the real thing. "You do realize you're talking about eating plastic." Eating plastic is what made me the man I am today. Plastic, mud, bugs, and lead paint chips. Lead paint used to be my favorite kind of chips even more than Cool Ranch Doritos and I used to like Cool Ranch Doritos a LOT.

Keep going for a video of the finished product.

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Appropriate: Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport Chase Scene Repurposed As Mentos Commercial


This is a video of Jean-Claude Van Damme in a chase scene from Bloodsport that's been repurposed as a fake Mentos commercial. It is probably the best Mentos commercial I've ever seen. The best Mentos? The pink ones. I can't believe it took the company so long to start selling packs of only the pink ones. I heard they're an aphrodisiac like green M&M's. A kid on the back of the school bus told me that. Also, that girls have two butts. I believe him too, he's an eighth grader.

Keep going for the video.

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