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Time Wasters: You Can Play Pac-Man In Google Maps Now


So you can play Pac-Man in Google Maps right now by scrolling to an area with a lot of streets and clicking the Pac-Man icon in the lower left corner. I just spent thirty minutes eating ghosts in my neighborhood and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now I'm going to go play Grand Theft Auto in real life. If you don't ever hear from me for the rest of the day you can assume I won. Or lost? I probably just fell asleep.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, who have collectively spent over 80 hours not working today.

Artoo In Love: A Short R2-D2 Love Story


This is Artoo In Love, a worthwhile short about R2-D2 falling in love with a mailbox. It has everything: romance, droids, heartbreak. It does not have pornography though. If you came looking for pornography you came to the wrong place.

Keep going for the video.

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Total Crap: The $850 MacBook Air Inspired Toilet Seat


This is the $850 MacBook Air inspired toilet seat made and sold by design firm Pinkhouse. The cover is laser-cut from 12-guage steel and can be powder-coated to your color preference. For reference, $850 is just about $830 too much to pay for a toilet seat. If all toilet seats cost $850 I wouldn't even have one, I'd just hover. Will I poop on my feet? Probably, but I'll also save myself a fortune. Did I mention the seat is square? The seat is square. Most asses are round. I do know a girl with a square ass though. That is generally not a desirable trait. That girl is me by the way, I've never been asked to a school dance.

Giant Kinetic Motion Pennyfarthing Big Wheel Bike Thing


This is the Boneshaker Big Wheel, the brainchild of Ron Schroer. Pedaling powers a bunch of Theo Jansen kinetic motion sculpture inspired walking legs in the rear that push the bike forward. It is probably not the bike you want to be riding if you're trying to get away from the cops. It is definitely the bike you want to be riding if you're interviewing for a job with a carnival and want to set yourself apart from the rest of the weirdos.

Keep going for a video of the thing in action.

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Guy Remakes Super Mario 64 Level In High Definition


This is a video demonstration of the Super Mario 64 level (the first level of the game -- Bomb-omb Battlefield) that Unity developer Erik Roystan Ross remade in high definition. He did a fine job, the only problem is that the level is already so bare-bones that it looks kind of ridiculous in high definition. You know what else looks ridiculous in high definition? "Your face." Exactly, that's why I always shake my head so I look blurry in photos and people can't call me ugly.

Keep going for the video, and you can play the level in your browser HERE if you want to.

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Catcordion: Cat Playing A Cat Meow Accordion Website


Catcordian is a website with a cat and an interactive accordion you can press the buttons of to play different note cat meows. There are four internet famous cats to choose from, including: Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat and...hmm, I don't recognize that last one. Is that Ceiling Cat, the one who hides in the ceiling and watches you masturbate? Because I don't like an audience when I masturbate. Unless I'm doing a cam-show, in which case you better act respectful and keep those tips coming.

Thanks to Matthew, who made Catcordian because he clearly has a grasp of what the internet needs.

A Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Made With 200 Dildos


This is The Bone Throne, a replica of the Iron Throne built by UK-based bondage company Bondara. The throne has 200 rubber dildos attached. Personally, I think there should be way more. There is like, way too much empty space on that throne. I suspect they got cheap and didn't want to waste any more fake wieners than they had to. But, just like my dad always used to tell me: A job worth doing it worth doing right. Granted when he said that he probably wasn't thinking about a throne made out of dildos, but I feel like it's applicable here nonetheless.

Keep going for a brief video of the making of the bone throne.

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Peanuts Characters As Iconic Horror Characters


Note: Larger version right HERE.

This is 'Run for Your Life, Charlie Brown', a series of Peanuts characters drawn by artist Dennis Davies as iconic horror genre characters. Who's your favorite? Mine's Carrie. I remember one time I fell off my bike and looked like that. "Blonde and wearing a dress?" Exactly, plus a pair of those little white ballet shoes.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees the best human Peanuts character is Pig-Pen, hands down.