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Jigsaw 'Saw' Chrome Vs. Internet Explorer Prank


This is the Windows desktop Redditor Croft1342 came back to after having a friend repair his computer. Apparently a single one of the Chrome icons is actually Chrome, and the rest are all Internet Explorer. No word if Croft knew how to solve the riddle without going through each icon individually, but if Jigsaw deleted all my p0rn I would hunt that f***er down, tear his head off, and use it to smash his tricycle.

Thanks to lilco, who would like to think somebody smart enough to open a Reddit account would also know how to pull a new Chrome icon to the desktop, but you never know.

Where Are They Now, An Animation That Explores Cartoon Characters' Sad Lives After The Spotlight


This is 'Where Are They Now?', an animation created by Steve Cutts and narrated by a now much more shapely Jessica Rabbit that explores the lives of cartoon characters after their fame is up. So, where are they now? Nowhere good, I can tell you that. Garfield and his litter-box, my God. The whole thing kind of made me for-real sad. What do you think -- is it better to be a has-been or a never-was? My guess is a never-was, but it still hurts to hear your mom say it.

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I'm Tempted: $99 Back To The Future II Replica Shoes


These are the $99 shoes made to look like the Nike power-laces Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future II. Except they're not Nike, and they don't cost thousands of dollars like the ones Nike actually made and auctioned off a couple years ago. I'm half tempted to get a pair. They're made and sold exclusively by, who should send me a pair for bringing them to your attention. Then do you know what the only thing I'll be missing is? "A hoverboard?" Shit, I was gonna say socks. You always come up with such good answers. You should be on a game show. "Jeopardy?" No, that Japanese one where they hammer you in the nuts if you answer a question wrong.

Keep going for several more shots and a video of that Japanese show where they hammer you in the nuts if you answer a question wrong.

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There Can Be Only One: Hamster Vs. Takeru Kobayashi In Hotdog Eating Contest


This is a video of a hamster competing against famed competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi in a hotdog eating contest. Guess who wins? SPOILER: we do. The viewers -- we're the real winners here, because we just got to see a tiny hamster eating tiny hotdogs in a competitive eating contest against Takeru Kobayashi. If I got hit by a bus crossing the street this afternoon I would die happy. Happy, and probably texting when I shouldn't be. To my roommate: please melt my laptop with acid.

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Medical Student Masturbates To Death At Sperm Bank


23-year old medical student Zheng Gang died of a heart attack while trying to produce a sperm sample at China's Wuhan University. Apparently it was Zheng's fourth donation in just over a week., that's very generous donating. Some real philanthropy. Donating blood that often will probably kill you too. No word how many donations he wasted at home during the same time, but my guess is in the thousands.

Worried workers had accessed his private booth when they realised he had spent two hours inside.

It was his fourth visit in just over a week and he had reportedly been using sexy magazines to help him.

The incident was revealed after Mr Gang's family took the sperm bank to court claiming they were responsible for his death in January 2011.

The court dismissed the action saying Zheng was mature enough to make his own decisions.

First of all, yes, a 23-year old is old enough to make his own decisions and you can't very well sue a sperm bank for his death. You might as well try to sue the model in the 'sexy magazine' he was looking at. Your titties killed my son! Also, nobody wants to die with their penis in their hand. Even worse than dying with your penis in your hand? Dying with three penises in your hands because those other dudes are probably gonna be FREAKING OUT.

Thanks to whoever sent me this whose email I couldn't fine again, who's inspired me to take it easy with my wiener next time.

Student Petitions High School To Let Him Use Cat And Laser Photo In Yearbook


This is the shot Schenectady High School student Draven Rodriguez is petitioning to be used as his senior yearbook photo. School authorities agreed the photo could appear in the yearbook, just not as his senior photo. Apparently because its Sears Portrait Studio awesomeness would break up the monotony of all the other boring senior photos. My senior yearbook picture? Eyes closed. Thankfully a "friend" signing my yearbook took the time to draw pupils in for me. Plus a penis in my ear. I couldn't wait to go to college out of state.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees if you want to use a Glamour Shot for your senior photo, you should be allowed.

BREAKING: Coke Bringing SURGE Soda Back To Market


After a successful fan campaign to bring the drink back (hey, everybody uses their spare time in different ways -- some just more meaningfully than others), Coca-Cola has just announced it's bring SURGE soda back to market. *glug glug glug, shivers* Oh yeah, I can already feel the diabetes forming.

SURGE, which debuted in 1996 and was taken off the market in the early 2000s, is making a comeback thanks, in part, to a passionate and persistent community of brand loyalists who have been lobbying The Coca-Cola Company to bring back their favorite drink over the last few years. SURGE is Coke's first discontinued brand to return to the market.

SURGE will be sold on, which represents the first time a Coca-Cola product has been sold exclusively through an online retailer. SURGE's relaunch will also be an experiment in social media marketing for the brand, since they said they will not invest in any traditional marketing for this product.

Great job, guys. It's just a shame you couldn't have put all that time and effort towards something that actually matters. Like, I dunno, bringing back Squeezits or Hi-C Ecto Cooler. I swear, all the crazy shit going on in the world and some people still only think about their own selfish agendas.

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Hell Nope: Hornets Build Nest On Man's Window, Allowing A Glimpse Inside


This is the nest that hornets built on YouTuber Vang Tsal's window. It allows a glimpse inside the nest to see all those stinging bastards at work. Interesting, but no thank you. When reached for comment about the nest, Vang didn't answer his home phone, presumably because it was on fire with the rest of the house.

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