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Am I Dead Yet?: The Lethal Doses Of Different Things


This is a video from AsapSCIENCE explaining the lethal dose of a bunch of different drugs, as well as other things like water, sound and elevation. It says you'd have to eat 22kg (~49 lbs) of cannabis to die, or smoke 680kg (~1,500 lbs) worth in 15 minutes. Is that a challenge? Also, I didn't know you could really die from the cyanide in cherry pits. I thought that was just a story my mom made up to get me to stop sticking them up my nose.

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KABOOM!: US And South Korea Live Fire Exercise Video


This is a ten minute video of the US and South Korea practicing their war maneuvers with live missiles and bombs. Probably to send to North Korea to let them know they need to calm down. Never a country to be upstaged, North Korea presumably made their own live weapon demonstration video by splicing a bunch of scenes from famous war movies together.

Hit the jump for the video, then let's get together after school and throw rocks at each other.

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I Must Have One: Amazing Ferro-Fluid Alarm Clock


This is Ferrolic, a clock/visual display capable of showing the time, text, or morphing shapes by using magnets to manipulate drops of ferro-fluid. It is mesmerizing to watch and I want one very badly but they only made 24 of them and they all cost a fortune but the company hinted they may be able to make cheaper versions in the future. I sure hope that's the case. I also hope the rash on the inside of my thighs goes away soon. I've been rubbing cream on it. "What kind of cream?" Sour! It's weird to think when I was a kid I hated sour cream but now I'm pretty sure I could breathe it.

Keep going for a video demonstration of the display in action.

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How To: Pretend That You Skinned A Watermelon


This is a tutorial video made by former NASA engineer Mark Rober (who apparently has a lot of young looking friends) showing you how to make it look like you skinned a watermelon. Basically you use a knife to cut the rind off a watermelon until it's all red, sand it smooth with a dish scrubbing pad, then cut ANOTHER, similarly sized watermelon in half, carve it out, and stuff the first one in the second one. TA-DA! Does it also work with cantaloupes? I'm going to find out after work! "NO YOU'RE NOT EITHER." Ahahahhahaha -- my mom, ladies and gentlemen! She had to take me to the hospital the last time I cut fingers off.

Hit the jump for the video, then we'll have a watermelon seed spitting competition!

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I Want A Necklace: Artist Carves Pearls Into Skulls


Japanese artist Shinji Nakaba carves natural pearls into little skulls. Skulls are one of my favorite shapes. They remind me of my own mortality. Then I get depressed because I don't like thinking about dying. I still haven't even gotten over any of my pets that have died. Life is precious, and you only get one, so make the most out of it. Make someone smile today. Then make somebody else cry. I'm kidding, don't make anybody cry. Great, now I'm crying. This is all your fault. Anybody giving away free hugs? "I am." Awesome, the guy with a knife.

Hit the jump for more Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Pearl Skull.

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Road Rage: Uber Is Offering Mad Max Car Rides In Seattle


To promote the release of the Mad Max video game today, Warner Brothers and Uber teamed up to offer rides in Mad Max style cars in and around the Seattle area. Live anywhere besides Seattle? YOU ARE SHIT OUT OF LUCK. I live on the moon and haven't been able to get the lunar rover to start in years. I just sit up here and watch the earth and think to myself how awesome it's gonna be to watch that f***er explode when my superlaser hits it.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the rides.

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World's Largest Container Ship Plays The Star Wars Theme On Its Horn


This is a video of the MSC Zoe performing the Star Wars theme on its horn. The MSC Zoe is the largest container ship in the world at 1,297 feet long and has an engine that is over 50 feet tall. That is a pretty big engine. For reference, the engine in my car is about a foot and a half tall and leaks oil. The ship can carry around 200,000 tons, or about four of my roommate's mom.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Girls Spinning 9 Hula Hoops On Different Body Parts


This is a video of pro hooper Brookelynn Hoopz spinning nine hula hoops on different body parts simultaneously. The one on her hair bun is definitely my favorite. Also, I feel like this is what I look like whenever I try to use one of the machines at the gym, except with way more puking in the locker room afterwards. "You go to the gym?" Well I did before they suspended my membership because of the whole puking thing.

Hit the jump for the video (PLUS BONUS ONE-HANDED CARTWHEEL HOOP!!!!!!11), then meet me in the parking lot during your lunch break and we'll hacky sack.

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