Guy Sharpens Dollar Store Knife Into Pro Quality Blade

December 2, 2016


This is a video of Jun of Youtube channel JunsKitchen sharpening the $1 knife he bought into a blade easily capable of slicing paper, transparent tomato slices, and cleanly cutting three bottled waters in half. His cat watches the whole time. Apparently those knife sharpening stones really work. I just bought a knife from the dollar store myself and was planning on doing the same thing but then I started playing five finger fillet and now my hand is bleeding and it won't stop and I'm getting light headed. What should I do? "Play again with the other hand." I like the way you think.

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Gigantic Fallout Pipboy Molded Coffee Mug

December 2, 2016


This is the Fallout Pip Boy Molded Mug. It costs $20 but can hold 48-ounces of irradiated liquids, which is pretty big for a coffee cup. That's just $5 per 12 ounces of capacity. It's not so bad when you think about it like that. Lifting it to your lips isn't going to be easy though, so I recommend throwing a couple extra points into the STRENGTH statistic of your SPECIAL attributes. Plus it doesn't look like scrubbing out the nooks and crannies on the inside is going to be all that easy either, so I'd recommend buying a dishwasher for your house in Megaton. See? I'm hip, I've played the Fallout games. Is anybody playing Final Fantasy XV right now? How is it? Is there any nudity? My mom won't let me play it if there's any nudity so say no and wink if there is.

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Man Tricks His Amazon Echo And Google Home Into Asking Questions In Infinite Loop

December 2, 2016


This is a short video of Adam Jakowenko proudly demonstrating how he got his Amazon Echo and Google Home devices to ask each other the same question over and over again in an infinite loop. As fascinating as that was, I'm more interested in what's in that jar. Is that trail mix or dog treats? Either way I'd like a handful.

Hit the jump for the video of the most exciting thing to happen today.

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Nope: Cobra Hiding In Apartment Building's Water Pipes, Comes Up Through Toilets

December 2, 2016


There's a cobra living in the drainage pipes of an apartment building in Pretoria, South Africa, and, as you might imagine, residents aren't thrilled about it (previously: that poor bastard that got his wiener bit by a python that climbed up through his toilet in Thailand). Apparently professional snake wranglers were able to get a hold of the snake, but failed to capture it before it headed back down a toilet. Obviously, if you live in this building you'll want to only pee standing up, and, if you have to poop, your pants are the best option.

Keep going for a video of the failed attempt at capturing the snake while I contact Cobra Commander and tell him he needs to keep his minions in check.

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You Little Thieves!: A Compilation Of Cats Stealing Money

December 2, 2016


Because cats have to pay for all those extra lives somehow, is a three minute compilation video of cats stealing money. Sometimes off the table, sometimes after digging around in a purse, but they always make off with something. It was a real eye opener. Like, now I realize where all my money's been going. "Women and partying?" *raising the roof* I can't stop, I won't stop.

Keep going for the video. Also, Bing -- LOLOL.

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I Am Into This: Legend Of Zelda Link Hooded Coat

December 2, 2016


This is the Legend Of Zelda Link Hooded Coat available from ThinkGeek ($160, but possibly cheaper other places, I didn't bother looking because I don't have $160 to spend on a coat this winter and I'm probably going to get sick a lot *Achoo!*). Highlights include:

Officially-licensed Legend of Zelda merchandise

Green parka jacket modeled after Link's classic tunic
Pointed hood
Full-zip jacket also features buttons on the storm flap
Embroidery on left sleeve depicting Link's handguard
Faux leather cross details
Two large open pockets on outside
Zip-up pocket on inside
Brown lining with gold Hylian crest

As far as video game themed clothing goes, this actually seems pretty utilitarian. Plus it lets everybody know you're into one of the best video game franchises of all time. You know I almost talked to a guy wearing a Bioshock shirt the other day before remembering how much I hate talking to strangers and turning and running the other way. My therapist says I'm making progress.

Keep going for a bunch of shots of all the details.

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Damn Rich People: A $9,600 Solid Gold Comb

December 2, 2016


This is the Pantheon comb and ostrich leather carrying case (in your choice of red, green or purple) available from Tomas Veres. It costs €9,000 (~$9,600), comes in 14k solid yellow or pink gold and is limited to 800 individually numbered pieces. You know, because there's potentially 800 people out there who need a $9,600 comb. Personally, if I'm spending ten grand on a comb it better be able to regrow hair, and that hair better be made of platinum and diamonds. My point is it better be some kind of money maker and not just a comb.

Thanks to vishal, who agrees a $9,600 comb is ridiculous. Now a brush I could understand.

Very Clever: Man In Painting Comes Alive To Give Another Girl In A Painting A Present

December 1, 2016


This is 'I Fell In Love With A Painting', a very clever video created by filmmaker and optical illusionist Zach King. It stars a man in a portrait painting who comes alive and grabs a vase of flowers from a still life to present to the girl in Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's iconic 'Girl With A Pearl Earring.' It was all very well executed but I still only give it four out of five stars on account they're in an art gallery without a single tasteful nudes. *smacking lips* You gotta have tasteful nudes.

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